Capital One 360 Referral Giveway (Expired)

Do you have an Capital One 360 savings account with unused referrals? I usually have lots of $25 bonus links available, but have been falling behind again. The first 25 people who comment below tonight and leave a working contact e-mail (real name not required, e-mail will not be shared publicly) will get one filled by me for free, which is $10 for you. I’m good for now, but will probably ask in a month or so. Thanks!

Due to comment moderation, your comment may not show up right away. One referral per person. You cannot have had a “freebie” before. Look for a message from me to your e-mail address with further instructions later on.


  1. Jonathan, I can send you one!

  2. I’ve been meaning to open a new acct with them. Sure – I’ll take it.

  3. I have unused referrals! Thanks, your website is awesome!

  4. I’ve got em

  5. me too

  6. thanks!

  7. i have some referrals left!

  8. This will probably be the 100th response, but I have some.

  9. I have plenty available.

  10. I’ve got some. Thanks!

  11. I got some!

  12. would be glad to help

  13. Take mine

  14. I have several I can share.

  15. I have unused referrals left!

  16. i have unused referrals left as well! use me!

  17. I have lots of referrals. Thanks.

  18. I have unused referrals at ING

  19. simplesimon says:

    I have some left.

  20. SO do I.

  21. i have some unused ones.

  22. One right here! Thanks!

  23. Jack Chou says:


  24. thank you

  25. I’d love to help, but I’m not sure how.

  26. I’d be happy to spare one.

  27. I have some!

  28. you can use my referral

  29. I have some unused ones as well!

  30. I have some.

  31. Dan Buller says:

    Sounds good! Thank you!

  32. I have some here!

  33. Dion de Leon says:

    I have a few available.

  34. me too

  35. i have plenty!

  36. I have some

  37. I have one if you still need it!

  38. I have a few, too

  39. I’ve got some to share, too.

  40. Have some. Thanks

  41. I have some. Thanks.

  42. I’ve got one.

  43. I’ve got one

  44. I have some.

  45. I have some.

  46. RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth says:

    I have some, would appreciate it if its not to late!