If You’re Gonna Buy Online, Get Cash Back

Oh, the smell of wallets opening is in the air. My parents have already directed me to find the most direct route to the nearest outlet malls. I’m so sad that I will be forced into the writhing frantic mass that is Black Friday shoppers. I like shopping online so much better.

If you’re gonna shop online, don’t forget to use Cash Back portals like Ebates and FatCash. If you carefully click through their link and then buy something, they’ll give you a percentage back as a rebate on your purchase somewhere down the line. This is in addition using a properly chosen cashback credit card. I always manage to forget to use them, so I’ve actually put a Post-it on my monitor with EBATES written on it. Check both to see which is offering the best cash back rate.

Here is a random comparison of stores:

Gap.com – FatCash 3.3%, E-bates 3%
Barnes & Noble.com – FatCash 4%, E-bates 4%
Half.com – FatCash 3%, E-bates 3%
Target.com – FatCash 4.4%, E-bates 3%
Priceline.com – FatCash 3%, E-bates 3%

Looks like FatCash tends to have better rates. I’ve gotten payouts from both with no problems from both sites. Be sure to click directly from their tracking link before you buy. I usually do my browsing and decide exactly what I want first. Then I click through their links, add what I want to the cart, and buy immediately.

Upromise has a similar thing, but the cash back seems to be always less, and you need to jump through extra hoops to get your money. There are also other shopping portals, like MyPoints and Mileage Malls like WorldPerks Mall that work in points, but I like cash.


  1. there is also fatwallet.com

  2. Check out the links. FatCash = the original name of FatWallet Cash Back. Didn’t even notice it changed.

  3. If You’re Gonna Buy Offline, Get Cash Back too. Upromise and Clubmom offer cashback for some offline purchases. Once you register your cards, cashback is credit automatically, no need to go through a special link. Check this site for some info(under section offline shopping): http://www.andrewcram.com/frequentflyer.html.

    CompareRewards.com also put out a cashback chart for some online places few months ago, it’s a bit old but nice for a quick comparison.


    Some online programs will pricematch cashback of another program or give their best rate, so shop around 🙂

  4. Probably one of the fastest and best rebate portals is quickrewards.net They pay by paypal in just a couple of days, and also have some (as you put it) “bored money” signup stuff as well. Their rebates are pretty competitive.

    If you want to sign up under me use oligarch@mail2diplomat.com.

    You also mentioned barnes and noble in your post as an example. By far the best and most automatic rebate on that paritcular site is the discover card shop center. They pay 7% for clicking through their site and using discover card on your purchase. The rebates shows right on your bill.

    Some others I have considered but not used yet are:

    ebates (mentioned by you)
    thankyoumerchants (citi credit cards);

    Ones to avoid:

    Mypoints – too hard to get credit;
    Netflip – notorious for failing to credit or pay/

    Btw, I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!

  5. I love your blog! I’d be interested to know your opinion of the stockback program. Their rewards look similiar to the ones listed above, except you get an extra 2% when you use their credit card. I was thinking about talking family members to pool money together for a keepsake ring for my mom. I can get 14% cash back at ice.com through stockback.

  6. Stockback looks interesting, I’m not familiar with them, but hey, if they pay more %, go for it!

    Looks like they also run the following sites:

  7. Thanks for the post. I didn’t even know this kind of things exist.


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