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I spent absolutely no time today thinking about personal finance or investing, and it was great. (Well, maybe a bit now.) Just a great day out walking and having a bar-b-que with friends. Therefore, I thought I’d put out a couple links to some new sites I’ve bookmark’ed recently.

WellSpent – Personal Finance blogs have gone mainstream, and BusinessWeek has their own. The topics covered are very varied, which is a nice change of pace. MyMoneyBlog even got a brief mention a few days ago, neat! 🙂

Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures – Shaun works full-time and manages to invest in real estate as well. He focuses on buying pre-foreclosures and reselling them quickly for a profit. His self-motivation and openness are great, and he outlines his thoughts and steps clearly. He’s even inspired a bit of a bug in me. Although I’m not in the market for a house myself, whose to say I can’t flip one? I even have the cash available to do it. Hmmm…

Kiplinger’s Back Issues – I know, another corporate site, I’m selling out. But did you know that Kiplinger’s Personal Finance allows to read almost all of it’s magazine articles from the previous 2 months online absolutely free? I subscribe myself due to my love of printed paper, but this is a great place to find some interesting articles on personal finance and investing.


  1. I just ran across The Learning Curve today, it’s also got a variety of topics from popcorn to stock calls. What I like about it is that it’s definitely one of the more humorous blogs that includes comments on finance, etc. He/She also writes about American Idol, of which I am forced to watch weekly.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I gave you a shout out and will also update my links with your site sometime this week! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the Acadamy Awards! JOAN RIVERS! eeeesh!

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