I quit.

my job. today.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. going freelance?

  2. free at last…if only you had no expenses!

  3. man…i’ve got to start a blog… 😉

  4. ah, was checking if it was april.

    its not.

    I guess there’s lots of reason though. could have sworn i read that you enjoy your job. maybe not.

  5. Congratulations(!), I think… I’m looking forward to an update with more detail. :>

  6. Shane Vitarana says:

    Good. Congrats!! Don’t take crap from anyone. I quit my job a few weeks ago and found another one at a smaller company where I’m extremely happy at. I just realized that I’m not a big company guy. Strict process is for high school. Good companies put people over process, not the other way around.

  7. way to go,

    hope to do the same soon. I’ve been reading your blog, which you’ve shown no sign of unhappiness, that’s the way to go. Good luck on everything

  8. why did you quit? thought you making WAY too much money. guess money is not hapiness.

  9. good job!

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