I Hate Moving. (And I don’t like American Idol either)

I hate packing, I have lifting heavy objects, I hate unpacking, I hate paying enormous amounts of money to moving companies, and trying avoid all the many, many, scams out there. My wife decided that our trendy loft with 20 ft. ceilings and french doors is no longer working out since it’s is basically one big room with no privacy, and it doesn’t allow pets. So, we’re moving to a charming (a.k.a. old and rickety) 2 bedroom cottage (a.k.a. small house) where I can have my own filthy room and the future dog can have his/her own fenced yard. Ah well.

This meant that we had to break our lease, losing our $1000 deposit. Ouch. And we are paying double rent for two weeks, in order to move things over gradually to the new place and reserve the house. So that will affect some of our goals, but we did sell our washer and dryer since the new place includes it, so that’s good.

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