I am one of the chosen ones. Yay.

I have been chosen as a juror for an estimated 3-4 week trial. Balancing this and work is gonna s-u-c-k. I’m intrigued by the whole process though, and I’m not unhappy I suppose. I’m going to bring my laptop and see if I can get some work in during the (many) breaks. Maybe some blogging too. The case? Can’t tell ya, but let’s just say I know why certain Google Adsense keywords are so lucrative…


  1. meso….mesoooo…mesothelioma? 🙂

    I’m glad you get paid by your employer though (mine pays too, but I’ve never won the bad lotto), the people who don’t get really screwed because that $25 doesn’t get you anywhere.

  2. ooooooooooh…blogging on a case while it’s in progress…never been done (has it?). Maybe you could start a new blog like http://www.imgoingtojailbutimfamous.com. I think it could work. Think of all the high-paying adsense ads!!!! 😉

  3. I have no comment. =) Oh, I definitely won’t be blogging on the case. I’m not even talking to my wife about it, and have not “googled” anything. But maybe I can discuss personal finance with a cross-section of my community. =)

  4. …during breaks, of course!

  5. Susannah says:

    I actually served on a jury WITH my husband once. I thought surely they wouldn’t want both a husband and wife on the same jury, so I piped up during the selection process. The judge just said, “Oh, so you two should already be used to arguing with each other about things.” It was actually kind of fun, and prevented the whole not getting to discuss it with your spouse thing. It was just a DUI case, that somehow ended up lasting 3 days.

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