Guest Post on Preventing Lifestyle Inflation

J.D. of GetRichSlowly was looking for some guest authors during his break, so I submitted a short piece on How To Prevent Lifestyle Inflation, or the vicious cycle of Earn More, Spend More. We are successfully living on one income right now, but doing that in the future may be tough, primarily due to housing costs where we want to live.


  1. Thanks for contributing a guest-post, Jonathan. I appreciate it. Yours is one of the best I received — there’s some great advice there!

  2. Great post. I recently graduated college about 6 months ago and have started making a nice salary. Even though I am making 5 times what I made while I was in college, my standard of living is pretty much the same as it was in college. I still drive the same junky car, I still go out to eat with the same frequency as I did before (rarely), etc. It’s easy to do because that’s the standard of living that I’ve known for the past 5 years. It enables me to invest a lot of money in my 401k and roth IRA’s for my wife and myself.

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