Groupon: Whole Foods $10 Gift Card for $5

Groupon is selling a $10 Whole Foods Gift Card for $5 for one day only. They want to teach you about their search bar for some reason. No expiration date. Limit 1 per person, I’m sure it will sell thousands and thousands.

Remember that you can save a bit more on your Groupon with cashback shopping sites like eBates ($10 new customer bonus), Mr. Rebates ($5 bonus), and BigCrumbs.


  1. Thanks again Jonathan!

  2. washerdreyer says:

    Thanks, went for groupon and signed up for Mr. Rebates, happy to have $10 at WF for nothing.

  3. thanks

  4. Definitely a bummer link for me. Took me to an endless loop of typing it into the search bar, selecting “View Deal”, selecting “Buy” and then getting redirected back to the landing page that says to use the search bar.

  5. AnotherKevin says:

    FYI: I’m not sure how much you get back using MrRebates, but you can use the chase credit card rewards online store to get an additional 3% back, or discover’s extra reward store to get extra 5% back. I like that better than reaching a threshold to cash out of the other sites.

  6. After doing a search, you will need to buy something and then it gets added to your cart auto-magically.. Atleast that’s my understanding of how this is supposed to work.

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