Groupon: Starbucks $15 Gift Card for $10

sbuxlatteIt’s back! Wow, haven’t posted a Groupon deal in a while. I really should have shorted the stock when even I unsubscribed from their daily newsletter, but I didn’t have the guts. Now I’m just mad because they deleted my account after not using it for a while, even though I still had unused credit (and I’ll have to open a new one for this deal).

Anyway! Groupon is selling a $15 Starbucks Gift Card for $10. Limited quantities, ends in a week or so otherwise . Why is free coffee so appealing? Over 100,000 sold already. Limit 1 per person.

Remember that you can save even more on your Groupon with cashback shopping sites:

  • TopCashBack ($10 bonus after $10 earned in cashback rewards, expires 11/16).
  • eBates ($10 new user bonus after any $25+ purchase, $5 mininum cash-out)
  • Mr. Rebates ($5 new user bonus, $10 minimum cash-out)
  • ($5 new user bonus)


  1. thanks for the Starbucks tip. Made sure I went through Ebates!

  2. If you have a Discover card then you can get 10% cash back using the Shop Discover portal from their site and buying with the Discover card. I’m finding that Discovers cash back is usually beating the rebate sites like Ebates.

  3. The local15 promo code does not work for Starbucks according to the Groupon website

  4. I signed up for ebates (through your referral link) and purchased the giftcard. After, I referred two people myself to ebates (through a referral link) and they also bought the giftcard. However, from the ebates website it doesn’t show that I referred anybody. I’m curious how long it takes to see the referral bonus? Is the fact that I signed up reflected for you yet?

  5. washerdreyer says:

    Sold out.

  6. I just logged in to my Groupon account for the first time since 2011 and it was still there. The reason I did so was I got an email about a class action lawsuit settlement for people who bought groupons that went unredeemed in the 2008-2011 time period. I submitted my claim using the bar codes, etc. from the groupons I bought but couldn’t use, which was the reason I stopped participating in the service years ago.

  7. Jigan Shah says:


    So on your unused groupon credits, check out the class action law suit information page for Groupon Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation

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