Groupon $10 off $40 Code – Presidents Day Weekend

Presidents Day Weekend Special. Get $10 off a Groupon of $40 or more (Local deals only) with promo code 10OFF40LOCAL. Valid 2/15 through 2/17 at 11:59pm PST.


  1. Pro Tip: Never spend money on groupon or any website like it. ie living social. ..

    What to do. Find a groupon you like. But dont buy it. Just call the company and ask if they will honor the deal without the coupon. They will almost always says yes, as they still get you as if you had bought the groupon, but they dont have to pay the groupon fee of around 50%. Works every time for me. I dont have to give my money to groupon, on something I may not use, and I still get the coupon rate. The company does not have to pay groupon the commission. Seems like a win win.

  2. This Groupon promotion has become what their share price may soon be – a laughing stock. Who’s running this company now?

  3. Kevin – interesting idea about just asking for the groupon rate without paying for the groupon. I’m sure it works better with smaller companies or restaurants where the manager/owner is the person that picks up the phone.

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