Green with Envy: Bimmer Lust

3series_perf.gifSo I just saw a new purchase of a co-worker: a Metallic Black 2005 BMW 330Ci with Performance Package (basically the M3 minus the 333HP motor). We’re talking a $45,000 MSRP car here. And this is no GM $3k-below-invoice vehicle, this car commands MSRP. Envious? Uh, Yes. I like cars, but my 95 Nissan is all stock, and my only indulgence is my $10/yr Car and Driver subscription.

According to, I can lease this puppy for $2,500 down and $540 a month. I can swing that, right?

[Insert text about how this is a bad idea here.] I still want one.

He’s single, owns his 1 bedroom condo, and is pretty well set in his career, so I can’t fault him for it I suppose. No kids, no dependents, no obligations to worry about.

My fantasy is to order one of these through BMW’s European Delivery Program, spend 6 months driving around Europe’s Autobahn in it, and then bring it back home to get stuck in highway traffic. It can even be cheaper than buying it in the states, if you are going for a high-demand model. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard and try to get back to work.

(Ever wonder where the phrase “green with envy” came from?)


  1. ooooooh I was just about to make a post like this.

    The recent surpge of the new 3 series commericals DOES NOT help too. (btw, if you’re going to get one, grab the 06 one) I have no idea why your friend bought a 05 one, when the new models are being pushed outta the factory. It’s an overall better car. More power, more refine, and new look while still letting you know its a 3 series.

    See, I can NOT afford it whatsoever. I can take up another part time job, and basically just work forever to pay it off. I supposely can dish an extra $500 out of thin air too (or at least I thought I can).

    Anyhow, don’t buy anything now. The new M3 will roll out around 07/08, that’ll be the puppy that’s worthwhile! Maybe we can walk into the BMW dealer together, and right before we sign the papers, slap each other in the face and run.

    At least we’ll get to test drive it.

  2. Ha, I’m not sure why he bought it. Cause he got a “deal”? Maybe the wait list is just that long. I’m glad the new 3 series still looks good. I’m not a bangle fan.

  3. I am a pretty cheap guy — but I did splurg on a similar car to the above. But I bought it as a two year old — that chopped the price down from ~43K (price in 2002 when I bought it) down to $32K (for a used 2001 model). It was in immaculate shape — and had 29,000 miles on it.

    I guess more importantly — I enjoyed wanting one of these for about a decade before I got it. And I drove my good ol’ 1992 Acura until I really couldn’t drive it anymore without it affecting my professional career.

    My thoughts — save save save save — but once in a while splurge on something that you will really enjoy. But make yourself wait for it so that you know that you really want it. I also paid mine off in two years (and it still only has 50k miles on it), so now I can enjoy another 4 years of driving a nice car without a $600 payment.


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