Got an American Express? 5 Free iTunes Songs

American Express is offering cardmembers 5 free iTunes songs if they register online and then use that same card to buy 5 song downloads from Apple iTunes. The limit appears to be purely on a per card basis.

Thanks for reader Nick for the tip. See the fine print:

To be eligible to receive the statement credit, you must register any valid U.S. American Express® Consumer Card or Business Card from American Express OPEN at and use that Card to make a purchase on iTunes® between 2/10/11 and 3/15/11. A statement credit equivalent to the price of 5 song downloads on iTunes plus sales tax will be issued generally within 5 business days after your qualifying purchase, but may take up to 2 billing periods to post to your account. Limit one statement credit per registered Card regardless of the number of transactions made. If your registered Card is replaced, you must re-enroll the replacement Card prior to making the iTunes purchase to get the statement credit. Additional terms apply; see Registration Terms and Conditions for details.


  1. Wonder if they’ll refund iPhone apps purchases since many of them cost the same $0.99 and charged through iTunes too.

  2. Thanks Jonathan for the tip.

    I will do the same with Coinstar. They are repeating the same promotion they had over the holidays up until 3/6/2011 (turn in $40 worth of coins and get $10 of itunes without a transaction fee). The difference here is you can buy ibooks or audiobooks as well, whereas the Amex deal involves only song downloads.

  3. I have an iTunes account. Whenever I get an iTunes gift card I redeem it against this account. Whenever I buy something it always pulls from this account – it never pops up an option asking if I would rather use a credit card.

    Would someone please tell me how to make it ask for a credit card?

    Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks for the headsup! I will take advantage of this one!! 🙂

  5. I am also wondering if it is possible to take advantage of this deal if you currently have an iTunes account balance. For example, I currently have $16 in my iTunes account, so if I go buy a song it will deduct from that balance rather than go to a credit card. I don’t know of any way to get the credit card charged without spending the ENTIRE ACCOUNT BALANCE first. Which would mean I would need to buy 21 songs in order to get 5 free. (16 to use up my current credit, then 5 more charged to the card.) Is there any way around this? Any way to get it to charge the card first without using the current account balance? If anyone knows I would really appreciate your leaving a comment with directions. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for the heads up.

  7. I have the solution if you have an iTunes account with gift card money on it. I called AmEx to tell them the dilemma of which they had no solution. I then called my local Apple store and the kind employee, Brandon, who answered the phone told me how he solves the problem since he shares an account with his mom and his sister.

    Account #1 has your gift card balance and there is NO WAY to make it charge the credit card instead of the gift card balance.

    Set up a new Account. Call it Account #2. Assign your American Express credit card to this account. This account has no gift card balance. Buy 5 songs BUT instead of clicking “buy” click on “Gift this song” and send it to Account #1.

    I did this and I just received notification from American Express that they will be crediting me for my 5 iTunes downloads.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Thank Pamela for that workflow. Very nice.

  9. Great job as always, Jonathan!
    I hope it’s okay for me to get the word out this way on your blog. I did a funny li’l 83 second video about the 5 free song offer. Here it is:
    Thanks, Chip

  10. Hi, I just found about about this offer thru an ad on gmail. How does one verify whether offers like these are legit? Since it asked for my credit card #, I was a little suspicious and thought I should call AmEx. They knew nothing about it . . . perhaps I’m a little paranoid, since the site had an “https” url, but we’ve all heard about very clever scams out there. Is there a way for consumers to make sure an offer is for real before entering credit card info? thanks for your help.

  11. It’s legit, is a domain owned by American Express and regularly linked to by You can verify this for yourself.

    This promo is pretty well run, they e-mailed me after I made my 5 purchases with the correct total after local taxes, and told me they would be crediting the amount shortly.

  12. Many thanks! I thought by one could verify the website by phone. Guess not. I’ll enjoy those free itune songs.

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