Google Checkout Now Free Until 2008

Google has extended their free credit card processing until December 31st, 2007. Not only is Google’s normal commission of 2.0% + $0.20 already better than PayPal’s base level of 2.9% + $0.30, but now you can get a whole year fee-free. If you accept any non-eBay payment via PayPal now, this is a great incentive to switch. I’ve already accepted a few payments through the service, and it has been very smooth. You simply send your clients an invoice, much like you would through PayPal, and they can pay with any major credit card. Most still pay me with checks, but now I don’t have to think twice about losing 3% to fees.

As you might expect, some people are trying to use this promotion to gain free frequent flier miles and whatnot, but I’m staying clear of that. My taxes are already messy enough, without thousands of dollars running around in circles. Still, now you can pay your friends back and also earn some credit card rewards at the same time.


  1. Personally I think you are very wise to avoid the tax situation as if you are doing this individually and not part of some business structure you won’t be able to deduct the ‘expense’ since it’s not a normal and ordinary business expense but will be required to report the sale as income. I’m not a CPA of course, but I did stay at a Holiday…..

  2. Beware of using Google Checkout. I heard about them not funding purchases and refunding customers and stores having already shipped the goods. So I waited until the funds posted to my account and then sent the customer her purchase. The customer emailed me and asked why she was being refunded. I look at my bank account and 4 days later they had taken the money back out of my account. I received no notice that this was going to happen the only way I knew was by looking at my account.

    Google Checkout is a SCAM!!!

  3. Google checkout not nearly as good as PayPal in terms of website integration, ease of use, and all the other options, yet. I’m sure Google will catch up quickly though.


  1. SitePoint Blogs » News Wire: Developers Don’t Design? says:

    […] Google Checkout Now Free Until 2008 Google Checkout will continue to waive its 2% + $0.20 fee on credit card transactions (which is already cheaper than PayPal) through the end of 2007. While the business benefits are obvious, some are also trying to earn credit card reward points for free. (tags: google business) […]

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