Free tax software, and why I actually paid for mine.

I bought my tax software from OfficeMax recently. There seems to be a new sale every week these days, but I got H&R Block TaxCut Deluxe, 1 free e-file, TaxCut State, Microsoft Money 2005 Stanard, and DeductionPro, all for $100 – $80 of mail-in rebates = $20. But wait! You can file for free at this link from the IRS.

There are a couple of reasons why I decided to actually pay for software. First, I used TaxCut last year and I can import a lot previous information and hopefully save some time. Second, the rebates came very quickly last year, within a few weeks, so that’s comforting. Third, I’ve been want a copy of either Money or Quicken for cheap. One of these days I will actually sit down and use one of these packages and track my daily expenditures.

Finally, I get the state filing software, which is not for free online. This is one reason why these companies are able to offer free federal tax software. That, and they’ll offer you instant loans on your refund, instant IRAs, and other goodies with nice profit margins. I’m still going to probably double-check my federal tax return as well using one of the free sites, if I have time.


  1. Ack! I could have sworn I did Part 3 already! Sometimes I “write” posts in my head and it think it’s already online. I’ll definitely get on it, probably tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.

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