Free PDF Printer Driver – Always Save Offer Details!

If you apply to as many offers as I do, you can’t afford the ink to print all those Terms and Conditions out. But it is really critical to save the details of everything you apply for, in case you need to fight for your money later. Companies change offers or take down their offer websites all the time. The solution? A free PDF Printer Driver called PDFCreator. Once installed, just do File > Print like usual but choose ‘PDFCreator’ as your printer, and out comes a nice Adobe Acrobat PDF File! The time you printed it out is even included. Also great for saving online statements.

Example: The 0% APR Discover card offer here has no mention of a balance transfer fee in the Terms and Conditions. But now, I have a .PDF of the complete T and C’s saved on my hard disk if there is any dispute.


  1. Another great free PDF printer driver is: Primo PDF –

  2. This works on Mac OS X too.. just do a File-> Print, and in the Print dialog choose “Save as PDF”. Been doing this since I got OS X, it’s really handy.

  3. Brian Katke says:

    I also use this program but I have found it most beneficial to track my credit scores and keep them on record because those silly credit bureaus only hold onto them for a couple months. It helps me determine what credit lines have fallen off of my report. Brian Katke Start From A Dream

  4. Anonymous says:

    OpenOffice can save any doc, html documents into PDF while being a pretty good office suite. Never have to pay a penny.


  1. […] Now click on Terms and Conditions (circled above). Every online application should have a similar link. If you have a physical Terms and Conditions sheet, save it. If you have an online version, print it out or print to a PDF. I just printed it myself to a PDF here as an example. It takes just seconds but gives you peace of mind. Then either tuck it away or e-mail it to yourself. […]

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