Free Credit Report and Score For MBNA Cardholders

MBNA is currently offering a free credit report and score from Equifax for cardholders at the following site. I read the whole long terms and conditions, and there is no ‘free trial’ or anything to worry about. You must input a valid MBNA credit card for verification only (My only MBNA card is my 2% Cash Back 529 card), and it will not be charged. You must use the link above and only the link above to get the free report. I went through another link and was asked to pay $19.95 for 3 months of credit protection. It should read “Privacy Assist Single Credit Report… $0.00 / Complimentary”, which includes:

» Credit Report – Unlimited 30-day access to your credit report with data compiled from Equifax.
» Credit Score – Snapshot evaluation of your current creditworthiness.
» Credit Analyzer – Credit tips and tools to help you improve your credit rating.

After answering some multiple choice verification questions, I was given access to my Equifax credit report, and my credit score according to Equifax. My FAKO (or so they call it) score was just under 700, not bad for all the credit card “debt” I carry. Note this isn’t your exact FICO score, but an estimate based on what Equifax has in it’s database. The credit tips were pretty boring, mostly stuff you could find anywhere, but still it was free so no complaints.

If you’re wary about phishing (I was too), here are the ways I got over it:

1) Their site SSL certificate is issed to MBNA America Bank by RSA Security, a big name in online security.
2) The domain is also linked from on various pages, including this one.
3) In the end, I did get a legitimate Equifax report with accurate information about my credit history and credit lines.

Credit to Supertle of Fatwallet for the find. Get it while it lasts!

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