Free Weekend Day Car Rental From Hertz

Rental car agency Hertz is revamping their frequent renter program, and is offering 500 bonus points (enough for a free rental day on a weekend) plus 100 bonus points per day on rentals from 7/1 to 9/30/2011 when you register online. You must be Hertz #1 Club Gold member first, but you can also join that for free until 9/30/11.

To be specific, I looked online and 500 points is worth “1 Free Weekend Day – Non Peak”. I’ve gotten Hertz #1 Club whatever for free for a few years now, so it doesn’t seem to be very special, but two nice perks are (1) “skip the counter” eligibility and (2) free additional driver. Still, they’re usually too expensive unless someone else is paying for it. I’ll take the free rental though. Does anyone else find the new mascot kind of creepy?


  1. Chip Alexander says:

    They require a credit card number to sign up, and I am guessing that while it is free now, they will charge an annual membership fee to my card every year after that until I cancel.

  2. I signed up for this but didn’t see the 500 points posted to my account yet. Wonder how long it will take them to do that because I would like to make a reservation using the free night.

  3. For promotions like this, I generate a virtual account number with my Citibank Credit card. I can get a credit card number which only has a $1 limit. Merchants cannot tell the difference. When it comes time to renew, I get pleading emails to update my credit card information, but they cannot get any money out of me!

    I use this to check my credit report, promotional rates on subscriptions, and anything else with auto-renew. It’s Great!

    In general, I detest Citibank, and their new rewards cards are terrible. But, I have along history with them, a high credit line, and they can give me virtual account numbers πŸ™‚

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