Free Tax Filing Options From IRS Now Available

The IRS website has been updated to show their free 2007 filing options for those people with adjusted gross incomes under $52,000 and satisfy certain other conditions that vary by preparer. Remember, 401k contributions lower your AGI so you may be better off than you think. Also, you only pay at the end, so if you end up over the limit you can still back out. There is even a helpful form to determine which companies are free for your specific situation.

If you have state income tax returns, be sure to look up those prices ahead of time, they can be $30 or higher and ruin any potential savings (TurboTax, TaxSlayer and TaxEngine offer free returns for certain states). Anyone can get a free Federal return + Free E-file + $12.95 State return at TaxACT, so there is really no need to pay more than $13 unless you have complicated taxes.

State Farm customers may also get free TurboTax Federal + State filing by signing up for online access and linking your accounts.


  1. Also, check if your state has free software as well. CA has CalFile, and this should replace your need to pay for state software.

  2. Also, states like Indiana, let you file from their site for free no matter the income limitation.

  3. offers free efile with their “standard” service (download or web) without the onerous $52k income limitation that would be in place when linking through the Free Efile program.

  4. You guys are fast. :)

    Free Online Tax E-Filing Options For All 50 States

  5. Taxcut basic is also free for federal return at link

  6. I would really like to know where the hell the Govmt gets off Charging ANYONE regardless of income to file electronically. It makes it more efficient for them, it is more convinient for us both. The paper forms have (as far as I am aware) always been made available free, if for no other reason than, because you HAVE to file taxes. There is no income cut off before you have to purchase the forms! Just because it is electrons instead of ink, I have to PAY to GET MY OWN FREAKIN MONEY BACK!!!

    I also dont care that there would be no e-file in turbo tax or such if they let everyone e-file for free. We dont allow the gov. to charge for the paper forms inorder to CREATE a service sector providing paper forms to taxpayers. If quicken wants to make money they can provide a bona fide SERVICE, not one manufactured thru corruption and lobbying. I use tax software, I don’t mind paying for true value added service of helping prepare my taxes… but at the end of the prep. the e-file is an added fee so they are treating it like some sort of added value aside from the prep. I also do not include the cost of a stamp in figguring how much e-file is worth to me. The postal service provides just that: a service! I COULD drive to the same damn place the postal service delivers the mail and hand deliver my return, for $.36 (or what ever a stamp is these days) I dont have to, now THATS a service.

    Needless to say the IRS will be recieving my paper return till hell freezes over, or its free, and I would encourage all filers to do the same. The digital revolution should be REDUCING the cost of communicating with the gov. not creating additional fees for corporations to reap!

  7. I filed my federal taxes yesterday. When you pick a company from the page, be shure to check out how much the site is charging for state tax return. At least 2 of the sites are only charging 9.95 for state returns.


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  2. Shahram » Blog Archive » Taxman Accounting Sofware- Free Canadian Tax Software says:

    […] With the tax season approaching, almost all of the American bloggers (1, 2) are trying to spread the word around for easier tax filling. To the best of my knowledge, there is no Canadian blog writing about the issue. H&R Block Canada offered me almost 160 CAN$ for a single return with schedule 3 last year. So I decided to do a general search to find a reliable source for doing taxes this year. Among the 2006 NETFILE Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) certified softwares, I have used Cutetax and Ufile which provided free offerings for students and/or individuals having total income of less that 25000 CAN$. However, I came across the Taxman Accounting Software which seemed reasonable. My first impression was that it will save me lots of time going through the papers to fix the errors if any happens, secondly one does not upload his/her personal information online and more importantly it is free. I have not filled in the forms this year as I did not have the tax slips and I cannot do a rigorous report on the software but there are lots of comments about the software which you can read here. […]

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