Free Subscriptions To Select Magazines

It appears that you can sign up for up to 4 free years of one of these magazines via this Mags4Less link. Add the magazine your cart, select up to 4 years in length, scroll down and enter code “1free“, and checkout without registering. You shouldn’t need to even enter your real name or credit card number. I didn’t.

Options include Latina, Maxim, Working Mother, Shape, Stuff, Blender, Seed Magazine, Computer Shopper, Muscle & Fitness, Western Interiors, Ebony, Jane Magazine, Travel & Leisure Golf, and Jet.

I signed up for Travel and Leisure but didn’t notice it was Travel and Leisure Golf. Doh! Thanks J for the tip.


  1. No worries if you ordered the wrong one, just go back and do it over…in fact I put 4 subscriptions in my cart, then entered the “1free” code, and it brought the total to $0; no problems “checking out.” Received the confirmation email saying my order was submitted to the publishers and would receive the mags soon. LOL.

    Thanks again for the link!

  2. Thanks! I’m giving Blender a try. For free, why not? 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link! I’ve always wanted to give SEED Magazine a try!

  4. Put in my order for 3 magazines (including a renewal of one I already have)…Looks like the order went through, but we’ll see…. This sounds too good to be true, they’ll probably fix their ordering system and delete the orders. It says you’re only supposed to get one for free, and implies that it’s for existing customers.

  5. bobratteli says:

    anyone else think that these magazines are simply going to bill us for ordering them?

  6. Magazines try to bill me all the time when my free subscriptions run out, I just throw them away. I have gotten Maxim and Stuff for free for the last 5 years, so plenty of these free subscription offers are legit. I’ve also gotten Business 2.0, Forbes, and others. It’s worth the effort since no credit card is required in my opinion.

  7. Thanks Jonathan! Gotta love free magazines.

  8. I ordered a free subscription from these folks back in August 2006. Still haven’t seen a single issue. Last communication with them was 2/7. They claim its coming but I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Warren Buffett says:

    Free…I said the magic word!

  10. Thanks for the tip! I was just about to subscribe to Jane magazine, so very timely.

  11. Any update on this free magazine offer? I did this within a day or two of your posting and so far, nothing. What about you? Anyone else got their free magazine yet?

  12. Haven’t gotten anything, but it’s only been a month. I just consider it a nice surprise if it comes.

  13. This magsforless site has not sent me any magazines under the free offer. Subscribed to Jane back in March and have yet to receive anything (this is July now). The website doesn’t even have a record of my order! Oh well, didn’t lose any money on it

  14. I had picked a bunch of free ones off their site and received my first issue today no less, wierd but I actually received 2 copies of the same magazine, too bad it wasn’t the one that I wanted for myself.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I just tried your tip. Without entering a valid card number, I wasn’t allowed to go any further. I tried to enter the “1free” into the only places shown which was “gift card” slot or “coupon” slot. Didn’t work.
    Your link to Mags4less didn’t work either, had to go directly to the site. Maybe this had something to do with it.

  16. Sorry, I’m pretty sure this deal has expired already.

  17. Oh, btw, I canceled the ‘duplicate’ magazine offer from this deal and the magazine sent me a check for the remaining subscription. It was only $8.31, but hey… Not bad for a free subscription and it paid for another mag that I wanted.


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