Free Stuff: Museum Admissions, PC Magazine, Toiletries, Paid Surveys, and More

» Bank of America has a new promotion called Museums on Us for cardholders:

During the month of May, your Bank of America ATM, check or credit card or MBNA credit card will get you and a guest free admission to more than 85 museums across the Northeast and in California.

» Free subscription to PC Magazine via one of my Bored Money staples, StartSampling. If you haven’t stopped by in a while, I just also picked up a Florida travel magazine, free shampoo and Pledge dust wipes.

If you aren’t a member or don’t want to become one, you can try this link instead. (Looks like a certain magazine needs to up their circulation numbers to keep advertisers happy!)

» Lots more free samples of personal items from Wal-mart Samples: Dial Soap, Advil PM, Tylenol, deodorant, diapers, shampoo, and toothpaste. Even if they are trial sized, they’d be perfect for my travel bag.

» I also just received another check for doing paid surveys from MySurvey last week (another Bored Money mention). I like that their surveys are relatively short, and they pay cash reliably. I know that if I do a 150-point survey I’ll get $1.50. Good thing too, as it seems that Pinecone has forsaken me. I’m now in the same boat as everyone else, waiting for one of those elusive new sign-up links.

We’ve also been sent a huge box of shampoo from them to try out and provide feedback on. Is anyone else starting to realize that shampoo is a big-profit item?


  1. Nope, I’ve always assumed that shampoo had a huge profit margin. They just have a factory somewhere mixing ingredients together in a big vat then spitting it out into bottles as they roll by on a conveyor belt. Kinda like bottled water, but $5-$15 a pop.

  2. hiya, a great free stuff- AQA (Any Questions Asked) are giving people ?1 for showing their text number (63336) saved on your mobile. You have to go to Leicester Square on the thursday 26th april at lunchtime (12-13:30). You also get a free go on their website. You can ask the service any question you want and they answer it!

  3. The Museums on Us program is not new. It was a Fleet program, and when Bank of America bought Fleet, the program continued in the former Fleet states.

    This is the first year it is being promoted in California, though.

  4. Seriously, the only thing I’m realizing with the shampoo is that they all feel the same for people with really short hair like me. My wife believes otherwise for her premium products, but agrees that almost all shampoo below a certain cost range is basically the same.

    Either way, it’s great for me as it’s a free sample of something I can actually use.

  5. Jonathan,
    I’d be really interested to know how much “bored income” you make from your various surveys and such? Does it eat away a lot of your time or do you find that the little checks really add up?

  6. I have talked about how all these side activities make me a couple thousand dollars a year, but also how they are not as important as controlling spending and working towards having a good job and education. Surveys may end up earning you a couple hundred dollars a year or more depending which companies you are signed up with and how many surveys they give you based on your profile.

    These “bored” money items are going to be the least efficient uses of time of all my side activities, but also require the least skill or attention. I often do them while watching sports on TV while sitting on the sofa with my laptop.

  7. I’m assuming this counts as income on your taxes? How do you deal with that?

  8. crystal says:

    Just ran across your site linked on the simple dollar. Really love it! And you can bet that I will be using the museums on us! Thank you SO much. I’ve been teaching my 11 dtr photography (family business) and I’ve been wanting to take her to the library to get some pics of spring! At 15.00 + 8.00, it’s not cheap to go for just an hour so this will really make a difference in my month! Thanks again!

    Does anyone happen to know if you need to print something to take along or does a bofa atm or cc suffice?

  9. You’re welcome :) From reading the page, it seems all you need is BofA ATM or credit card.

  10. Scared about this says:

    Hi, great post, was wondering about privacy, doesnt leaving ur address,email make u open to spams and or other kind of antiques involving identity thefts.
    How can I protect my identity as well as participate in these surverys, promotions.
    Any instances that you or anyone has had as an aftermath of submitting these surveys.
    I may be paranoid, if Yes, please feel free to indicate that too. I shall register myself for some counselling.

  11. I should say that I tried to get the free PC Magazine subscription a few months back, and I never got the magazine sent to me.

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