Shoprunner Membership with American Express

Update: American Express is now offering Shoprunner if you enroll at and agree to keep your AmEx card as the default payment method for their Express Checkout feature. You can still choose to use another credit card for any specific purchase. I didn’t see this as a big deal as in May 2013 they already offered a year-long subscription for free, and who knows how long Shoprunner itself or this AmEx partnership will last.

Shoprunner is similar to Amazon Prime in that it offers unlimited free 2-day shipping with no minimum order amount from a variety of online merchants including Newegg, Babies R Us, Blue Nile, Sports Authority,, and GNC. It also allows you free return shipping and the ability to ship to any address, making it handy for gifts. You can also get free delivery from Domino’s pizza.

You’ll need a consumer or business American Express card issued by an AmEx-affiliated bank (Starwood Preferred yes, Blue Cash Preferred yes, Business Gold yes, Costco yes, FIA/Fidelity no, Citibank no, prepaid versions no).

I’ve used my membership a few times to send gifts from Babies R Us, although I wouldn’t pay $79 a year for it.


  1. I wonder if it is worth extending now, I just got another year at the beginning of the year. I don’t get how they are going to make money if they keep giving this away for free.

  2. The extension adds on to the end of your current membership period, so why not? I’m good until 2015 now, assuming ShopRunner stays in business that long.

    I bet they are either hoping that you’ll get used to having it and thus willing to pay some sort of sum, or they keep getting it subsidized by corporate partners. I’m guessing that AmEx paid something for this, even if it’s just $5 per sign-up.

  3. If we have more than 1 eligible cards, will an extension be added to the first “existing” free trial? …I suppose I could just try it.

  4. I just don’t think they have enough stores to justify the fee, but I will take advantage of the free year. Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. Thanks! Also worked with my HHonors AmEx.

    Cheers to another year of free pizza delivery from Dominos…

  6. I thought I did this a few months ago on my costco AE card, well did it again and it took it(must be a different offer or something other offer bc mine current exp in 2015).
    I’m now good ’til March 2016

  7. I didnt realize it was a extension, I thought it would be a year from today. I’m good till 3/20/2016. Crazy!

  8. didn’t work w/ amex fidelity investment rewards.

  9. Thanks for posting this. Just signed up for the AMEX Business Gold and signed up for the free year of Shoprunner!

  10. My Macy’s AMEX card didn’t work.

  11. Still Working, with Blue Cash Preferred.

    Excellent Deal!

    Thank you

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