Free Schick Quattro Razor w/ Trimmer

Y’all know how much I like them free razors. And this one comes with a trimmer! Via SlickDeals.

  • If you’re at work, turn the sound down. Although not obscene, this involves is a pillow fight with lots of girls squealing. My wife was very curious as to what I was doing online…
  • Now go to and enter your birthdate (must be 18 years old to get the free razor).
  • Upload an image when asked, any will do. If you need one, try downloading this to your Desktop first for some laughs at the expense of the world’s richest man.
  • Finish and play the movie, and then click on the Save button on the bottom. Check the box “Throw in a Free Sample while you’re at it.” and fill out your info. Hope it comes!


  1. Thanks Jonathan! Just got it done….Buffhead was hilarious 😀

  2. Thanks! I can never have too many razors 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link! I am having trouble finding the “save” button…..would someone help me please?

  4. This will be the 2nd free razor you’ve referred me to. Much appreciated.

  5. Thanks a lot! I was just about to buy a trimmer, too.

    Rachel: The save button is on the bottom of the video.

  6. That was a painful experience, but worth it for the free razor.

  7. This was just great. Thanks

  8. Dennis Anderton says:

    Wooo freebie! That trimmer is a welcomed bonus!

  9. Too Much Time says:
  10. Got mine last week.


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