Free Samples From Wal-Mart

Manufacturers often give away free samples of their new products that will soon be on Wal-mart shelves. Even if you don’t shop there, you can sign up for those free samples here.

Currently available:
– Dove shampoo for color-treated hair
– Digestive Advantage for lactose intolerance
– Sunsilk shampoo
– Viactiv calcium and vitamin supplements

My favorites are the free razors. You know how they add a blade every few months. (Next up… the Gillette Ocho!) For some reason I’ve been seeing a lot of free shampoo recently. Did anyone else get a big box of Pantene from MySurvey?


  1. Walmart freebies are a regular feature on I’ve gotten many, they have all been good.

  2. Hilarious though, I tried putting that I’m not interested in the email survey –> Sorry, we’ve run out of that sample; did it again 2 secs later opting for the survey, and, surprise, they’re sending me the sample.

    Figure it’s fair enough as I gave my spam email.

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