Free Rideshare Promo Codes: Uber, Lyft, Flywheel, Gett, Sidecar, Silvercar

uberscreenFlywheel now $20, Sidecar now $15. Summoning a car with your smartphone is all the rage. Most of these startups are offering some form of bonus credit for first-time users. If you live in a major metro area, this can quickly add up to a decent amount of free rides. I’ve only used Uber up to now, but it was a very easy experience.

  • Uber – Hail a car, taxi, black car, minivan, and more with your smartphone. Lots of cities. Get $30 off your first ride via this special link or promo code uberMYMONEYBLOG. UberX involves individuals driving their personal cars, the rest are professionals.
  • Lyft – Hail a pink-mustached car driven by a private individual in their private car. Cities. Get $50 off your first ride with promo code SLICKDEALS. If that doesn’t work (some report expired), you can get a $25 ride credit via my referral link. If you live in a city where they are just starting out, you may also get a bunch of additional free rides for being a “Lyft Pioneer”.
  • Flywheel – A taxi app that only hires “fully licensed, insured and professional” drivers. Cities. Get $20 off for a limited time, $15 usually your first ride with this special link or promo code 27A8AP.
  • Gett – Black car service in NYC only (yellow taxi coming soon). Get $20 free credit with promo code GTJONAT17.
  • Sidecar – “Sidecar allows riders to choose the vehicle, the driver
    and the price, tailoring every ride for any occasion.” Cities. For a limited time, you can get a $15 credit through 8/31/14 with my promotion code JONATHAN931. After that, the standard referral credit is $5. Previous best offer was getting $10 free ride credit with promo code jdhmd.
  • Silvercar – Rental car app, with the only choice being a silver Audi A4. AUS, DAL, DFW, LAX, PHX, SFO. Get $50 off your first rental by June 30th, 2014 with promotion code AFF-FTD during booking. I’m not sure about stacking, but you can also get a $25 Visa gift card after your first rental if you use this sign up form with promo code JPING.

I have tried out all of these codes myself as of 6/22/14. Where the best deal is a referral code, I have included my own and will usually get a bounty of whatever you get (you get free ride, I get free ride). If my code isn’t the best deal, I posted the better deal instead. Thanks in advance if you use any of them.

Bonus: Get $25 credit towards any hotel stay booked through the Hotel Tonight app. Sign up online at this link with promo code JPING2 for $25 in credit (new customers only). Then download the Hotel Tonight app (Apple or Android). More info here.


  1. I tried LYFT and despite it showing as available in my city, I have yet to find a single driver. I think their mobile app is the best, though!

  2. I wish there was an app to integrate all available services and then summon based on price or proximity.

    Also so you can summon only drivers who don’t freak out when you bring a pet (in a carrier) inside their cars.

  3. New and existing Uber customers can also add the promo code 10r62014 to their account and get an additional $10 ride credit (expires 7/10/14). This stacks with the referral credit above, so grab that first and then use this limited-time promo code.

  4. SLICKDEALS code dosen’t seem to work on Lyft

  5. Just used your Lyft promo code tonight. My first experience was excellent. I also used your Uber code and will try that next month when I’m on a business trip. Very happy with my first experience. I like this business model. Hopefully it works out in the long run!

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