Free Pizza: Super Bowl Giveaway at Papa John’s

Visit and if you guess the Super Bowl coin toss correctly, you’ll get a unique coupon code for a free large 1-topping pizza redeemable at The thing is, the terms and conditions clearly allow up to 4 four members (age 13+) in a single household to vote. I voted heads + Mrs. MMB voted tails = guaranteed free pizza dinner, retail value $11. If you have 4 people, that’s 2 free pizzas guaranteed.

You must vote by February 2nd; code will be e-mailed out February 4th and will be valid until March 10th. No account needed, no credit card needed, no newsletter sign-up needed. This offer actually worked last year even though I was skeptical… That’s a lot of pizzas to give away, even though it’s good advertising!


  1. Hey thanks!

  2. You’re welcome!

  3. Great idea Jonathan! We are donating the coupon to the Loaves and Fishes (Homeless) program at St Maximovitch Orthodox Church in Atlanta.

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    I have not received any results so far. Either my wife or I has a right vote. Did you get the free pizza?

  5. Yes, it was heads and you should have gotten an e-mail already with your free code by now if you guessed correctly.

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