Free Personalized Hallmark Card For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 10th. Get off your lazy bum and send Mom a card! Actually, since you can do this all online and they’ll even ship it for you… go ahead and stay on your lazy bum.

Hallmark is offering a free personalized paper card, and they’ll even ship it for you free USPS First Class. Just register for a free account, choose and customize the card you like, and check out using the promotional code is CARD4MOM. You should see the following:

Via SD. Order by May 1st for guaranteed delivery. Reportedly you can use coupon code APRILCARD for another free card with a separate order. Now, is it weird that the card I picked out looks like an asset allocation pie chart?


  1. Woohoo…just what I was looking for. Thanks Jonathan!

  2. I think this is a great offer, I have never had anything from them before so this is a great chance to.

  3. Both offers still work – thanks!

  4. thanks my mother will enjoy the card!! ive passed it along to my friends so they can brighten their mother’s day as well thanks to you and hallmark!!!

  5. Two free cards sent – fantastic! Thanks so much.

  6. This is great – just what I needed. Thanks!!!

  7. Done! Thanks, Jonathan. Oh and no it’s not weird that your card looks like an asset allocation pie chart. It’s part of who you are, just means you’ve got money on the mind!

  8. thanks!

  9. I used both codes and they worked. Now mom and grandma get one, thank you for posting! 🙂

  10. Thanks once more! I’m glad I only had to provide an email address. Hey, wait a second.. I have three other addresses I could use….

    Except in this day and age, I only have street addresses for about three of my friends!

  11. Do you think my poor old Ma is going to get a lot of junk mail now? I only have to give my email address which has good SPAM filters, but poor Ma, what if she gets Hallmark junk now?

  12. Thanks Jonathan!

  13. SmBizMan says:

    thanks… DONE!

  14. Jonathan, you rock, as always! Thanks!

  15. Kristen says:

    Sweet! Thanks! I was concerned the APRILCARD code wouldn’t work now that it’s May, but it did just now, at least! One card for mom and one for my aunt/godmother. With a little more planning, it looks like you could ship it to yourself so you could actually sign it.

  16. This is great! Thank you, Jonathan. Both discount codes worked for me today (May 1), even the APRILCARD code. Guess it isn’t just valid during April…..

  17. Phinance says:

    I’ll pass this along! Thanks again!

  18. thanks for the tip. Since I am abroad right now, this worked out beautifully. I am the good one 😛

    ps I chose the pie chart card also, its not weird.

  19. Thank u soooooo much Jonathan!
    U made my day, my mom will be so happy 🙂

    Also has anyone had experience sending flowers from online, like 1800, just wondering did it get there on time?

  20. lee anne says:

    not working anymore…if u hear of another one please let me know

  21. Well…I did this with both codes. Seemed to work OK and I was sent confirmation emails when the orders were received and when they were apparently sent out…Unfortunately, as of Tuesday the 12th my mother has not received any cards. I ordered them on May 1st. This is obviously a service not yet ready for prime time.


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