Free Online Foreign Language Courses

Here’s a great find – learn a new language for free (well, your taxes may have paid for it) at FSI Language Courses:

These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain. This site is dedicated to making these language courses freely available in an electronic format. It is an independent effort to foster the learning of worldwide languages.

Included are Arabic, Cambodian, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. If you have problems downloading like I did, try using Internet Explorer and Right Click > “Save File As…”. The audio should show up in mp3 format. Thanks to DumbLittleMan for the tip.


  1. Wie ist das wetter heute?

  2. Es ist heute sehr kalt. Ich ben?tige neue Hosen.

  3. Canadian Money Blogs Reviewer says:

    Seems like a good site. I find it slightly misleading though that they say the courses were developed by the government without saying who’s supporting the site (not the government unless I’ve missed it). Not a big deal, but if you know who’s behind it, I’d be curious to know.

  4. Und einen warmen Pullover.

  5. sfmoneymusings says:

    Great tip! I was looking to increase my fluency in Mandarin! If I combine this with possible courses at the local college, I might just reach my goal of becoming fluent in a year! Thanks!

  6. The Beeb also offers nicely designed, free online courses in a variety of linguistic flavors…


  7. Re: Canadian Money Blogs Reviewer

    A quick whois lookup shows the current register of any domain.

  8. IMO it’s so difficult to learn new languages as people are getting older.

  9. The FSI links are dead.


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    […] A blog posted at even proposed a free language course program at FSI Language Courses.? This project, which is supported by the government of America, is also available through a public domain.? Using the electronic format, people may easily gain access in learning worldwide languages like Arabic, Greek, Mandarin, French, German, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, and Swedish.            Navigation […]

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