Free Online Finance and Retirement Planning Course from Stanford

Stanford University is offering a free open online course “Finance of Retirement & Pensions” taught by Joshua Rauh, Professor of Finance, running 10/14-12/13. Here’s the course description and a video:

In this eight-week course, you will learn the financial concepts behind sound retirement plan investment and pension fund management. Course participants will become more informed decision makers about their own portfolios, and be equipped to evaluate economic policy discussions that surround public pensions. The course begins with the principles of financial economics, such as the distribution of outcomes when investing in stocks, bonds, or annuities. These serve as the building blocks for an understanding of different retirement strategies that can help you improve your asset allocation. Finally, the course applies these principles to government programs and policies.

This MOOC looks a bit more focused, a bit more advanced, and also more interactive than the previous Coursera personal finance course I signed up for.

There is no actual course credit earned, but there is a competition at the end of the class where the top 5 teams with the best ideas for pension reform will get to present them at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, all expenses paid! Via NY Times.


  1. Hi Jonathan, I’ve been reading your blog for several years, thanks very much for creating such a great resource. I’ve benefited from it a lot.

    My colleague at Stanford created, the site that’s hosting the finance class. I’ve also been participating in creating it. It’d be great if you could link to us since I noticed you mentioned Coursera.

    I also teach an entrepreneurship course on the site:


  2. @Chuck – Very cool, thanks for commenting and I’ll definitely check out your course, Professor!

  3. Andrew Hayes says:

    Sounds like a good course if it can help baby boomers learn retirement in such a short time

  4. Thanks. Just signed up. Been more than years following this blog and I’m finally starting to think about retirement. shoulda, coulda , woulda

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