List of Free MP3 Songs From Google Music

Google Music was opened to the public recently, and I finally got a chance to poke around. I’m not an especially active user of all these services where you save all your music in the cloud, as I’m pretty happy with my iPod Touch. I buy a few songs here and there, but mostly only redeem any iTunes gift cards or Amazon MP3 credits that land in my lap. However, I did notice that Google Music has a lot of pretty good free songs available, at least at launch.

First, they have a Free Song of the Day. Next, there are many free tracks sprinkled around the site. Here are some lists of free songs grouped by genre, let me know if you find more. You can download the songs directly onto your computer, and setup is pretty quick if you already have a Google account.

  • Free Pop & Hip Hop songs (Jessica Simpson, TLC, Usher, Whitney Houston…)
  • Free Rock Songs (Augustana, Train, John Mayer, Alice Cooper)
  • Free Country Songs (Kenny Chesney, Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Dolly Parton)
  • Free Classical songs
  • Most popular free songs list (several repeats from above)
  • Free albums of live music from Shakira, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Busta Rhymes,and Dave Matthews Band.

I found plenty to fill up the workout playlist. As a reminder, here’s a list of free MP3s from Amazon available as well, but I see more popular mainstream artists on Google Music.


  1. No classical?

  2. sweet, thanks!

  3. More music available from Magnifier. Just click on the blue links

  4. Money Beagle says:

    I’ll have to check it out. I know the Amazon MP3 store is cool that you can get the free stuff for downloads. Hopefully the Google store is like that as well.

  5. Not free, but I’ve been using Spotify and it’s pretty slick. They have a free version but the upgraded one is $10/month. Free as in beer would have been great, but we live in an area where streaming isn’t so hot (wonky cell phone reception) so I can listen offline with the upgraded plan. I can picture Google cranking on this and it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I like that I can add the songs to the cloud first and then download later. The Magnifier blog appears to be officially run by Google Music. I also found a few classical songs for you, GregK. :)

  7. Nobong Barrientos says:

    Thanks for the list. I like the free albums of live music from Shakira. People from outside the U.S. have no access to Google Music. For those people, if you want to download 20,000 free songs from Google Music without using your Credit Card, here is your guide,

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