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Food on the Table is a meal planning service that tries to link the foods on sale at your local grocery store with recipe ideas to help you plan your shopping and cooking. They have a free trial, but right now if you sign up with promo code MAYFREE you’ll get their “premium” service free for life. There is a free iPhone/Android companion app so you’ll have a shopping list while you’re in the store. The main complaint seems to be that some stores aren’t covered, but my local Safeway store was. The site seems like a work in progress, but it’s an interesting idea.


  1. mbreezy says:

    Have you heard of e-mealz? Sounds similar, I used them for a while but they’ve been around for a few years…

  2. mbreezy says:

    Hmmm…checking it out now and I’m quite impressed by the fact that you can choose different stores. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Right now they recommended me zero items from 2 nearby stores and always packed local Trader Joe’s is unknown to them. So, they are no value to me right now, but will see how they improve with time. Thanks for the link!

  4. Bunch of chain stores in my area. Pretty decent selection! Thanks for the heads up.

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