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TripAdvisor is offering two free luggage tags. What a sneaky way to get my real info! 😉 The form automatically signs you up as a member of the website, but looks like that’s all. Use a spam e-mail if desired.

Although there is the occasional fake glowing review from management or unreasonable whines from uptight travelers, I do always check TripAdvisor for hotel reviews. There are some pretty bad ones out there. Check out the reviews for this awful hotel with camping cots for beds in London and this bedbug-ridden place in New York City.


  1. Spam email it is 🙂 Thanks Jon

  2. auntie_green says:

    I must say, I rely heavily on Trip Advisor and have only had positive experiences with hotes I’ve chosen based on info I’ve gotten there. I find it extremely useful when I am going on vacation to a place I haven’t gone before, but is somewhat heavily travelled. My last 2 vacations to cities I haven’t been before, I couldn’t get any strong recomendations for hotels from friends. So I went to Trip Advisor, and chose a top rated hotel, and both times, I was extremely satisified
    For those curious, I picked
    – The Tickle Pink Inn , Carmel, CA , August 2008
    – The Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, SC, May 2007

    As I said above, both were spectacular and chosen based on searching for the city and choosing a top-rated hotel. I will not hesitate to rely on Trip Advisor again

  3. Money Mentor says:

    This is actually a pretty marketing strategy. I’ve never actually used Trip Advisor before, but I do remember it being mentioned in the episode of The Office. It might be worth checking out. Thanks!

  4. Tyrone Biggums says:

    I’ve a huge fan of TripAdvisor. I used it to help pick two resorts for our honeymoon. I’m also using it to plan our next beach vacation. The forums there are quite useful as well.

    They actually give free stuff out pretty often. In the past I’ve received a small knapsack (which my wife uses as an Ipod bag), and also a tshirt.

  5. Has anyone actually received the tags? I sent the request in on 12/30.

    • I got one and I like it, it’s displayed prominently on my rollaway case and every check in they see it. I feel like it’s fair warning I am a top reviewer.

  6. I did receive mine, they are kind of generic looking and not pre-printed with your info, but I’ll still use them.

  7. mike reece says:

    After free tripadvisor luggage tags

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