Free Knife Sharpening at Sur la Table

Through April 30, you can bring up to 2 knives per person to Sur la Table and have them sharpened for free. A good way to keep quality knives for a long time, as I hear those sharpening steels often aren’t enough. You may need to leave them there for a couple days. Locations mainly in larger cities, lots in CA.


  1. It should probably be noted that it’s not really a professional sharpening by the looks of it… they specifically state that they use the chefschoice commercial sharpener, which is similar to their home sharpeners but more robust. Truly professional, manual sharpening will generally give you better results with less metal loss. I would be concerned that since they are using a tool the operator (depending on the store) may not account for the different angles on various makes properly, or risk scratching up your knives, which the automated sharpeners do on some blades.

  2. I will keep all of this in mind if I ever consider to do business with ING in the future! I was wondering what was up with your website.

  3. The “sharpening steel” doesn’t actually sharpen your knife — it hones them, which is an entirely different process. Honing, for lack of a better term, straightens the edge of your knife, and it should de done every time you use a knife.

    Sharpening a knife involves actually removing metal to reshape the blade. If you have quality knives and you take good care of them (hone regularly, wash by hand, cut only on wood or plastic), you’ll hardly ever have to take them in for sharpening — once a year, tops. My Wusthof chef’s knife was sharpened 3 years ago and it just now losing it’s edge.

    With that in mind, I would *never* submit any halfway-decent cutlery to a Chef’s Choice or similar knife sharpener.

  4. How much does one of those manual folks cost with the belt sharpener?

  5. Cost: as with all things, “it depends.” (Yeah, real helpful!) Some people will charge per knife; some per inch. For ballpark figures…I’d say $5-10 per knife or a max of $1 per inch.

  6. jdsboston says:

    here is why you should not go to Sur La Table to get your knives sharpened — free or not! They scratched the heck out of my brand new wusthofs and then said that’s just what happens. I will not ever take my knives to them again. I have owned some of my knives for over 10 years and never seen them damaged like this. Just look at the damage they did to one of my utility knives with their sharpening machine here:

    (images no longer available)

  7. I agree. Try to keep in mind that you get what you pay for usually. Professional knife sharpening is valuable only to the degree at which you are willing to pay. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks.

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