Free Intuit Quickbooks Cash Register Plus Software

Intuit is offering their Quickbooks Cash Register Plus Software for free instantly via download. This is the 2009 version, which is selling for $239 on Amazon. As the name suggests, this software turns your laptop into a cash register, accepts credit card payments, and syncs with Quickbooks very easily. No hardware is included. (Expired)

I decided to take one just in case. You just checkout for $0 and you receive a license key and a download link. No credit card required. It says the offer expired 12/15/08 but everything appears to still work. Via SD.

Not a business? Don’t forget that you can also get personal finance management software Quicken Online for free as well to track your household expenses.


  1. I’m a little worried about intuit. On the 22nd, they offered Quickbooks Pro 2009 free through staples. They still are offering mycorporation services free through the end of the month. Their cash register software is now free. They had many bad reviews this past year- is this just damage control that they’re doing?

  2. Thanks for the hint about the cash register software. This offer seems to be valid – I’ve just visited the website! 🙂


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