Free Ink Refill at Walgreens, $100 Bonus at KeyBank

Walgreens is having a promotion on will refill one of your ink cartridges for free on April 2nd (April 7th in Hawaii). Just look in their 3/20 Sunday ad or print out this online coupon. It usually costs $10 for black & white, $15 for color. Here is a list of eligible brands and models (no Canon or Epson). Via Wisebread.

KeyBank is offering a $100 pre-loaded Mastercard for opening up a Free Checking account with them and making two direct deposits and/or automated payments. You must reside in a state that has KeyBank locations. There is a lot of fine print, but the free iPod Nano I’m listening to right now is from a previous offer. This is only a partial excerpt:

Must open a qualifying checking account […] between 3/29/08 and 4/25/08 and make a combination of two direct deposits and/or automated payments each of $100 or more by 6/27/08. […] You will receive your $100 Key Possibilities MasterCard® card within 90 days of meeting requirements. Direct deposit transactions are limited to: payroll, social security, pension and government benefits. Automated payments exclude Key Bill Pay, debit card automated payments, PayPal® transactions and account to account balance transfers. If you close your account within 180 days of account opening, you will be charged a $25 account early closure fee.


  1. Is this deal possible without Direct Deposit? It seems to rule out all my ideas for automated payments. Is their another way to make an automated payment, that would qualify?

  2. I just tried the KeyBank offer, but it doesn’t like my CA zipcode. Any thoughts on ways around that?

  3. Josh – You could pay your cable or cell phone bill using your KeyBank account, pulling from the cable providers website. Many such companies allow you to both overpay (draw out $100 even if the bill is $50) and make multiple payments per month.

    Susan – I think they may require you to be in a state where KeyBank has a physical location.

  4. If you are going to try to get your ink refilled at Walgreen’s be prepared to get there in the morning. I tried a previous Walgreen’s free ink refill and got there in the afternoon. By that time the wait to get your cartridge back was six days. Going without color may work for that long but black is not a color I can do without.

  5. Can you just bring an old one in? Or do they get all dried out once taken out of printer?

  6. I tried HP and their computer rejected it. They offered me 10 free prints because it failed. Don’t know if cartridge age is a factor. I’ve been recycling my old cartridges there from old printers for the 10 free digital prints. (a $3 value) So far I’ve gotten 70 free prints. Any better deals out there to recycle ink cartridges?

  7. … “Automated payments exclude Key Bill Pay, debit card automated payments, PayPal® transactions and account to account balance transfers.” …

    Here, I don’t understand what are the automated payments KeyBank are referring to. Usually, I set up a regular online bill payment (semi-monthly) on KeyBank’s website. Which seems not qualified.

    Instead, I should set up a regular monthly payment from ConEd and/or TimeWarner Cable websites to bill KeyBank twice a month. So, this set-up qualifies! Am I right? Could someone shed light on this?

    Anyway, I plan to open an accoount in person to the Keybank’s branch. I will ask this question on-site, and maybe set it up when they open my account.

  8. Try a continuous ink system…I just bought one and I love it…I no longer have to worry about being out of ink…it is supposed to equal 61 cartridges of each color and yet costs the same as 1 set.

  9. I also got a continuous ink system…I got one a month ago and I love it…no mess and easy to install….I got mine here Printer Ink Refills and Continuous Ink System They have all types of printers available. I am no longer stingy with my ink and I let my kids print as much as they want to.

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