Free Happy Socks with $100 Amazon Gift Card

I’m a sucker for free. Amazon currently has a limited edition run of $100 Gift Card Boxes with Happy Socks. Pay $100 and get a $100 gift card, a nice gift box, and a pair of Happy Socks inside. You could make it an extra nice gift for someone else during this graduation season, or you could… treat yo-self and simply spend the gift cards without changing your spending habits. 🙂

Apparently, these Happy Socks from Sweden can run $10 a pair and up. The picture suggests this is their larger “41-46” size, which is US Mens 8-12 and US Womens 10-12.5.

Remember to get your 5% cash back if you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.


  1. Joshua Katt says:

    Thank you JP! I never heard of them but made the GF very happy. Was able to place 3 orders, we’ll see if they call come. Got 6 Gund bears last Christmas…

  2. Great deal, but since I’m a Chase Freedom credit card holder I’ll instead continue to get my 5% cash back by buying Amazon gift cards at the grocery store.

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