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TradePub is a site with a big list of free subscriptions to trade magazines in various industries, from finance to IT/engineering to healthcare. I like the idea of reading about the industry from an insider’s perspective. It’s all advertiser-supported, so just pick out what you want. Here are a few financial mags that caught my eye:

  • Financial Advisor was “created exclusively for independent financial planners and RIAs. […] Operating on the premise that an individual’s personal and financial lives are inextricably linked, the magazine tackles issues from college funding, second careers and divorce to charitable giving, business succession and retirement, estate and legacy planning.
  • Global Finance “delivers the full story; corporate finance, joint ventures and M&A, country profiles, capital markets, investor relations, currencies, banking, risk management, custody, direct investment, money management and all the rest-specifically tailored for corporate readers around the world.”
  • Registered Rep. is the “preferred magazine for stockbrokers, financial planners and advisors, and senior and branch management of retail brokerages large and small. From bringing you news about the firms to helping you attract high-net-worth clients, Rep. offers provocative coverage of the financial services industry in every monthly issue. Coverage with a focus on how you can build a better investment advisory practice by being of better service to your clients.”
  • U.S. Banker is “written for those individuals charged with generating greater profits and shareholder value for a financial institution: bank and nonbank directors, chairmen, CEOs, presidents, EVPs, SVPs and other business line managers. Each monthly issue covers the market trends, regulations, innovations and individuals that are reshaping the financial institutions.”

Another trade magazine that I have been receiving for years that I initially found through TradePub is Financial Planning. Although it’s no longer offered through them, it looks like you can still get a free subscription here.


  1. How about a post on how your stocks are doing. Does anyone have a positive return YTD.

  2. s h a w says:

    I am in need for this magazine.


    Another free thing: Free Identity Theft Protection from Suze.

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