Free Book on Index Funds For Filling Out Risk Survey

Right now, if you visit the home page you will see an offer for a free e-Book version [pdf] of the book Index Funds: The 12-Step Program for Active Investors if you fill out a ‘Risk Capacity Survey’.

This is actually a pretty good book; I’ve read it, own a copy, and consider it an important part of my personal investing library. It explains through a variety of studies, statistics, and examples why passive investing through index funds is a prudent decision. Check out my more in-depth book review here for more information. It’s not the most eloquent book on passive investing ever, and it’s very long (almost 400 pages), but I have found it very handy as a reference text. I’m happy to get the PDF version since I can now search for specific keywords and phrases.

I took both long and short risk surveys. The long one is kind of interesting, but if you are short on time or just want the e-book you can just pick the short 5-question version. (I ended up at the “85” portfolio again, if you’re curious.) You will get the download link via e-mail immediately after completion. You don’t need to share any other data unless you want to.


  1. Buildandsucceed says:

    Wow, thank you. I’m filling it out right now to get my copy šŸ™‚

  2. is anyone else having problems once they complete the survey? or is it just me?

  3. I got the “40” portfolio :).

  4. I had to use Mozilla as IE crashed half way through the survey. Just answer the quick 5 questions or go to this web site.

  5. I completed the 5 question survey and did not see a link to the free book.

    Great blog Jonathan!

  6. MobileDeveloper says:

    Thanks, took the 401K survey since I am not yet investing directly in the stock market, only have a 401K. I ended up at the 85 Orange.

    Thanks Steve H for posting a link to the book.

    Since I don’t have personal stocks yet, I am thinking now is the time to get in, or maybe early next year.

  7. No luck with getting the book and Steve H’s link is no longer routing to the book.

  8. The download link should arrive in your e-mail address. They probably changed it in response to the direct linkers.

  9. I am pleased to see the interest in my book and risk capacity survey. I am confident that the survey will be worth your investment in time to complete and that the eBook will be helpful in designing a portfolio of index funds that will be best for you. You can match up the asset classes of the IFA portfolios with Vanguard (here are the allocations),
    iShares (here are the allocations), or any other indexes of your choice. You certainly are not required to hire our firm,
    , but obvioulsy we think we add value or we would not have 1,500 clients with $1.1Billion of assets under management. I are honored that you have found my book of interest and wish you much success with your investments.

    Thanks again, Mark Hebner

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