Free 250 Delta Skymiles For One Question Survey

Free 250 Delta miles for telling them what you like to do while in-flight. Easy-Peasy. I can’t wait for free WiFi to hit airplanes.


  1. hi..
    can u write something about room is winter time and i am doing all calculations and trying to figure out whats the best way to it..

  2. That’s the easiest 250 miles I ever got! Thank you!

  3. “like to due” do?

  4. sure 😉

  5. LordOfTheManor says:

    It’s great finding these deals to keep your mileage account active and prevent you from losing your accrued miles.

    Here’s some other links I found via that’ll give you a few extra miles just for signing up – perfect if your miles are due to expire at the end fo the year

    100 AAdvantage miles

    150 AAdvantage miles (Elite members only)

    100 Delta SkyMiles

    150 Midwest Miles

    200 Mileage Plan Miles

    200 Priority Club? points

    800 Gold Points

  6. seems pretty cool, especially being able to swap points

  7. FYI, last I checked, Boeing cancelled all plans for internet access on airplanes, citing cost factors.


  8. I was glad to read of this offer as my miles are to expire at the end of this year. Did the survery right away when you first posted this last month, and my bonus miles showed up 11/28. Unfortunately, my online account still showed that my miles are to expire at the end of the month. I suspected then that bonus miles do not count towards account activity. I called Delta and they confirmed this to be true.

    So, word of warning to others who were counting on this keeping their miles alive.

    I am going to see what qualifying methods I can pull off by the end of the year, otherwise will just pony up the moolah to purchase the minimum 1000 miles to register some activity before year end.

  9. Wo, I just converted 10,000 Hilton Honors miles to 1,000 Delta miles myself to extend the (lame) 2 year expiration date. It did successfully extend it. Just another option if you have points from another program. Also maybe see the site mentioned above.

  10. lists some ways to get ‘free’ miles. If you open a sharebuilder account you can get 2,000…is it worth it?


  11. Hi I would like to see more free surveys online up to date everyday and do you think there is a chance there will be alot more survey Questions to ear delta sky miles point every day? earning sky miles points every day is a good thing for people who do not fly very much every Year, answer survey programs is a good thing to earn point.

  12. Hey anywhere I can get free airmiles and getting them fast works for me. Thanks a million.

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