Free 24 Minutes of Skype for Chinese New Year

Right now Skype is giving out 24 free minutes of calling in celebration of Chinese New Year. Yes, it’s only worth 50 cents. But I’d pick up two quarters off the street any day. Kung Hei Fat Choi!


  1. Couldn’t get it to work. I followed the link, it asked me to sign in, and then from there it just went to “my account”…didn’t say anything about crediting the minutes. Did you get it right away?

    On another Skype note…this offer led me to sign into my Skype account online and check my recent calls and balance. Did you know that in about mid January, they started charging a “connection fee?” I am in Europe most of the year so I use Skype for all my calls and have always enjoyed the 2.1 cent calling to the US. Now, if I have a call that lasts for under a minute, I am charged $0.06 instead of $0.021. I certainly don’t recall being notified of this. Hmmm…

  2. I read about the connection fee of 3.9 cents, but I don’t know when it was implemented.

    I got the 50 cents credited right away to my account, yes.

  3. I wonder if Skype has thought this one through and used regional marketing managers to verify the move. At least for Cantonese speaking people “24” = “easy death” if you read it out. I can imagine very few people from the southeast part of China would use this.

    A better alternative would be “28” which would signify “easy wealth”.

    Just thought I’d share since many Chinese people avoid “4”s.

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