Free 1 Year Membership to Entertainment Book Online

SBC is currently offering free access to the Entertainment Book online. If you don’t know, this is basically a big coupon book that people usually buy for $20-$40. I’m not a big Entertainment Book fan, as I rarely frequent the restaurants on their list. I also dislike how they advertise “Save 50% at Chili’s! and 2-for-1 at Baja Fresh!”, but it turns out to be good only at one specific location 20 miles away.

But hey, if it’s free why not take a look. I didn’t find anything special for my area, except maybe some slightly discounted movie tickets. Link via KR via SlickDeals.


  1. Jonathan: Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Great link!

  3. Excellent Blog – Can I ask you a question? Where are you hosting this blog. I created a domain name to forward it to a blogger based blog. It forwards fine but I still see the name of the blog and not the domain name in the url bar. How can I do something like you – only the domain name shows and not the



  4. Printed coupons from this site sometimes get rejected for some reason.

  5. I’ve just stumbled on this site and wanted to thank you for the above link. I take out my neices during xmas break week for lunch and shopping. I had a $25.00 credit on a credit card and printed off a 20% coupon to Friday’s. The coupon said that the discount wouldn’t count towards kids meals but they gave that to me anyway. Total cost for lunch for 7 was $14.00 pus tip. We had a great time…could of used some coupons later in the day when they begged me for shopping money.

  6. Great post!

  7. Please read this before you buy Entertainment Online!

    I started my subscription to Entertainment Online in June, 2010, thought it would provide the same coupons as the printed version. Turned out it didn’t. So I cancelled my membership right away (June 2). But up until now, although my online subscription is NOT active, they have been charging monthly fee to my credit card. I phoned the 800 customer service number, they said only Entertainment Online group could help me and transferred me to another line, which I only heard music for over 10 minutes. I think their subscription database and payment processing system are not connected. Many people miss automatic charges of $4.95/month on their credit card bill very easily, they make money that way. So think again when sign up for their online membership. I will not buy anything from them again because they keep charging me even though my online account showed my account is not active.

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