For Those Not Sleeping Through Black Friday

The Consumerist has a great before-you-go checklist for everyone who’s all hyped up for Black Friday shopping. Have fun and try not to get shot while in line. I’ll be rooting for you while under the covers.

My family is in town, so it looks like I’ll have to brave the hoards later in the day. Wee. (Or should I say Wii?)


  1. Joseph Friedman says:

    *sigh* its so tiring camping out 5 days in advance… but hey, at least I see I’m first in line here at Wal-Mart… *yawn*

  2. Amen bro – just like people waiting in lines for these WII systems. Walked into Costco today at 10 am picked one up no stress at all. Can you spell MEDIA HYPE?

  3. Do you think that would work with the PS3? Nope.

    It worked with the Wii because more were available, not because it was overhyped. Costco, Sams and similar stores are always a good bet for this type of launch – I know a few folks who got Wiis and xbox360 without waiting in a line.

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