Five Things You May Not Know About Me

Okay, this isn’t financially related so feel free to tune out. I was tagged by Steve at AdventureMoney to reveal five things you might not know about me. In response, I submit to you these five tidbits:

1. I was on the math team in high school. Yep, me = geek. Now you see why I like to make all these calculators. It was more about having fun than actually competing, as we got to miss school to travel around the state and go to competitions. We even had national conventions in Hawaii, Maine, and New Orleans.

2. I was also on the swimming team and tennis squad in high school. I wasn’t all that good at these things either, but I managed to get on the varsity team so I could miss more school while traveling to swim meets and tennis matches. As you can tell, I didn’t like being in school very much 😉 The racquet I use (and ever plan on using) is the Prince Graphite Original shown on the right, circa 1985. It’s a true classic. I used to restring it myself to save money, using my friend’s machine.

3. My favorite spectator sport is baseball. As a kid, I spent all my allowance of $2 a week for years on baseball cards. My favorite player used to be Mark McGwire. I had all his rookie cards. But he turned out to be a huge steroidal disappointment. My new baseball goal is to visit all the stadiums.

4. The best hotel I’ve ever stayed at wasn’t really a hotel; It was the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald, Switzerland. Simple, clean, kitchen-access, smack dab on the side of the Alps. What more do you need? It’s not exactly a secret anymore, as I see it’s booked solid until March now.

5. I’m going skiing tomorrow! The slopes are open, my new gear is waxed, and I’m out of here. Midweek skiing is a definite perk of being a student and self-employed.

Well, that wasn’t so bad. Am I supposed to tag more people? Well, if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged.


  1. What about Hostel Gryon.. that place is the best!

  2. Alex - says:

    Don’t feel too embarassed — I was on the math team too. It was called “Mathletes” at my school.

    It was actually kind of fun 🙂

  3. Your post got me thinking back about all the ways (read: excuses) I managed to get out of class in high school. Hindsight being what it is, I probably spent more time figuring out ways to legally cut class, it would have been more efficient to just go to class!

    Have a great time skiing!

  4. I think it’s hard to go wrong with a Swiss hostel in the Alps 😉

    Mathletes, awesome. It’s like asking to made fun of 😀 I’m proud to be a math geek.

    Thanks Grant, I will!

  5. i see you’ve got at least some good tastes in the sport you watch!

  6. I can relate… my favorite spectator sport is (was) professional cycling, and I was a huge fan of Floyd Landis and now I have “clinical depression” about sports in general. Who to believe, if not a bicycling Mennonite??

    Some personal questions that are financially related (i.e. suggestions for future personal postings)… how much time do you spend doing financial research? Posting? Balancing your checkbook/keeping from getting those usurious credit card fees? How do you structure your financial week so you don’t get behind in bills or bounce a check or have enough cash in the wallet? With all the accounts you have, it must be different than for people who just have a checking and savings account.


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