Financial Blogs and my new favorite RSS site – NewsGator

As blogging continues to grow, so do financial blogs – just check out my expanding list of links on the right. And happily so, I do enjoy other people’s views on things and opinions, from Canadian to Urban Woman to Technical Traders. However, there are now so many blogs to follow it’s getting a bit cumbersome. Enter: NewsGator Online. I used to use a free standalone RSS Reader and then MyYahoo to organize things, but NewsGator works on any computer (even my filtered and monitored work computer) and is better organized than MyYahoo or Bloglines in my opinion.

You can rate your posts to save for later, and also check off after you’ve read a post. If you’re tired of clicking around and managing 20 bookmarks, give it a try! The basic service is free for now, and I hope it stays that way.


  1. Thanks for the plug! I’ll be sure to include you on my list of links as well. The blog looks great, and I am discovering new ones every day as well.

    Good luck on your financial quest!

    aka “Budgeting Babe”

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