Financial Festivals and Carnivals

Here are some happenings from the blog festivals and carnivals that I’ve participated in recently:

The Carnival of Personal Finance included our Roth or Traditional 401k decision process.

My pick from this Carnival was the sarcastic Ah… The Joys of Home Ownership by Grad Money Matters. He talks about how the accessories for a microwave can cost as much as the microwave itself! I found this timely as we were looking at washing machines the other day, the optional pedestals they come with cost upwards of $200! Is it me, or are these things just empty metal boxes. You could buy a entire new washing machine for around $250.

The Festival of Frugality at FILAM Personal Finance included my MagicJack Phone Review.

Here I liked the Is This Frugal? .. Or Just Not Quite Right? by Money, Matter, and More Musings. While I don’t hoard ketchup packets, I’ll admit that I do grab a few extra salt packets when on one of my rare fast food visits if they are the “dual cylinder” type. You know the ones… the salt is finer than usual, and I keep them around to put on microwave popcorn. Once I get two or three, I stop collecting them. Whew! It felt good to get that off my chest.


  1. I am with you on the stealing of the dual cylinder salt packets! Their salt is so much better that I swear they put crack in them 🙂


  1. Blog Carnivals? Good, bad, indifferent? | says:

    […] It is so exciting to make a move from only reading blogs to maintaining one of my own. More than anything, I am surprised at how exciting it is considering that I am a career web developer. Nonetheless, my zeal is certainly there. What that in mind, I am trying to learn more about the different ways that people use their blogs. One of the types of blog events that keeps coming up are Carnivals. […]

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