Final Decisions and Savings on Auto Insurance

Ok, so here are my final decision on auto insurance (for now until I get all-new quotes), and how it affected my premiums. I’ve also linked the previous entries that talked about each item. Again, these are tailored for my own personal situation and preferences.

Liability Coverage – Bodily Injury/Property
I’m keeping it at $250k per person, $500,000 per accident, $100k property. This is supplemented by my $1M Umbrella Policy. No Change.

Personal Injury Protection – Kept at minimum. No Change.

Comprehensive Coverage – Deductibles – Keeping the $100 deductible. No Change.

Collision – Deductibles – Keeping at $1,000 deductible. No Change.

Emergency Roadside Service – Keeping it at $10/year. No Change.

Uninsured Motorist – Liability – Bodily Injury
Dropping to $100k/$300k from $250k/$500k + $1M Umbrella. Saved $93/year.

Uninsured Motorist – Liability – Property Damage – Dropped, saved $10/year.

Non-owned Car Coverage – Bodily Injury – Kept for company car. No Change.

Non-owned Car Coverage – Property – Dropped, saved $50/year.

Rental Car Insurance – Still not getting it. No Change.

Without any real change in my situation or getting new quotes, I simply re-evaluated my current coverage. I dropped coverage in areas that I really didn’t need, and lowered coverage in areas that I might need, but didn’t feel it was worth the premium. Overall, I saved $153/year.

Final Thoughts
If you aren’t sure exactly what everything line on your auto insurance policy is about or if it’s required, find out! I could save some real bucks. First, go to the official insurance site of your state. They’ll usually have a section on what required along with a description with the coverage. They’ll often also have a whole list of insurance companies that are allowed to offer insurance in your state, with premium comparisons and either satisfaction ratings or number of complaints per 100 people or something similar. (Example: Here is the California Dept. of Insurance)

Then, either find an agent you like that will help further describe what they do and do not cover. Double-check your facts if you can, or ask to see it in writing, cause agents are salespeople and can “bend” the truth. Good luck!


  1. Not sure who you use but for any one that is current or prior military and over 25 than USAA is the way to go. I switched to them from Geico and my 6 month premium dropped almost $300!When we bought are xB and setup the insurance it came out to just over $50 a month for full coverage.

  2. you can also save by insuring your vehicle as a leisure veh; check to see if you get discounts for taking a defensive/safe driver course (you can rent from blockbuster or online); i’d crank comprehnsive up to $1000 and put difference in ing sub account; i presume you got roadside assistance b/c your veh. doesn’t come with roadside assist.

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