FaxZero Review: Limited, But Still Free Fax Sending

In testing out my Ooma, I used the free fax website FaxZero.com to send a fax over to myself. I thought I’d share a quick review.

  • The free service has certain restrictions. You must have it converted to Word/PDF format, up to 2 faxes a day, and a maximum of 3 pages (6 pages total a day).
  • There is an ad on the provided cover page, but thankfully it is just a simple FaxZero ad and not some random company. Here is a scan of what it looks like.
  • You must provide a working e-mail address, as you need to click on a confirmation links sent via e-mail to send your fax. Some users report increased spam, so be careful which e-mail you use.
  • The fax is not sent immediately. It says it might take anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on how busy they are. It took about 5 minutes for me for my fax to ring.
  • The fax did come through successfully, and the quality was acceptable.
  • You do get a confirmation e-mail with the subject “Your fax to XXX has been sent successfully”.

Overall, I have no complaints about FaxZero since it was a free service that performed as promised. You can also try HelloFax.


  1. This is what I used when I needed to do a random fax a couple of months ago. Worked out for me too.

  2. Thanks for posting the scan of the cover page, I’ve been using this service for a while now and have been wondering what the cover page looked like.

  3. GotFreeFax.com also allows user to send free fax online to the US and Canada. User can either upload a PDF/Word file or enter text to fax. Plus, it does NOT add Ads to user’s fax and is suitable for faxing formal documents.

  4. does anyone knows if I can send a fax to PR also? or is just to the continental US, thanks.

  5. Vanessa says:

    yes, you can fax to PR.

  6. Dill Pickles says:

    I can I fax the U.S. from Thaialnd?

  7. I sent a fax but never received any confirmation, email or otherwise. I have no idea whether my fax was sent.

  8. @ Ron, it was likely that the confirmation went to your spam folder. That is, if you entered a valid email address before sending the fax.

    I just used it and was successful…definitely beats going all the way to Office Max just to fax one page!

  9. I just used the premium FaxZero service for $2 and only half my fax was received. šŸ™

    Contacted them and they said it wasn’t a problem with their side so no refund or free second attempt.

    Very disappointing.

  10. stefan maier says:

    Very lame! I tried to use it for an international fax, and got charged the full amount even though the fax failed. They said it failed because the number was invalid, but it wasn’t. Don’t use it for international faxes, they don’t seem to know how to handle those!

  11. Terrible Fax service ever,
    I’ve used Faxzero to send two files to my school office, both documents were received black and white and totally messed up. They sent me a letter back with the faxed pages, and now I’m going to mail them instead of using faxing.

  12. I’ve used FaxZero a few times, and though it works relatively well for the US, they have dismal service for International, the one you actually have to pay for… They will either charge you for a fax that was never received or will reimburse you only 90% of the cost. Basically it’s a lose-lose situation for you, the customer… As to their customer service, if they don’t imply that you are stupid because you gave an incorrect number (not!) or you did not read the “obvious” fine print (try and find it!), you’ll be lucky! Buyer beware…

  13. I have been using the free service for FaxZero off an on for years. Although almost everything is now sent through e-mail, some industries, professions and people still use faxes. In each and every time I’ve used the service domestically (I’ve never tried international), there has never been a problem. Each fa has gone through cleanly and confirmation notices are sent to my in box within a few minutes. I’m pleased with FreeFax Zero’s speed, quality of service and would recommend them to anyone considering using their service. I’m never had a single problem.

  14. Guys,

    I need to know what format should I use for the fax number before sending it.

    I am in Canada and want to send a domestic fax, but I am not sure how to input the fax number.

    It is necessary to put the +1 before the fax number?

    Is that the correct format? (country code) (local code) (fax number)

    Any help will be appreciated.


  15. 40 minutes to send a paid fax. Complete total incompetence. Could’ve gone to kinkos faster. Never again.

  16. Free service is great if you don’t mind the branded cover sheet. I wouldn’t send any sensitive info, though… not sure how secure it is.

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