FaceBook Advertising Coupon Codes: Free $300+ In Ads

If you have a website that you would like to promote, there are several coupon codes out there that can get you a free $200+ in credit towards Facebook Ads (update: codes are expired). In addition, if you join the Visa Business Network and install application, they’ll kick in another $100 (still available). Via this SlickDeals thread.

You’ll need a credit card to sign up, but it shouldn’t be charged until after you use up all your credits. Watch the expiration dates, and set your ad budgets wisely. Facebook ads are pretty low-converting from what I’ve heard, but at least this way you can test for free.


  1. If you haven’t used facebook to advertise in the past, get on this. They are a powerful ad network.

  2. That’s interesting, I didn’t know that. But I wonder why facebook ads would be low-converting since they have so many members?

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the code! This will really help.

  4. Tom Molloy says:

    So you’re a fellow slickdealer as well, eh? 🙂 Do you happen to frequent Fatwallet?

  5. None of the coupon codes worked for me except for the Visa network one.

  6. Well, most people on Facebook aren’t really looking to buy something, unlike say on Google. They’re just wasting time while they’re supposed to be working. 😉

    Also, the targeting available is not nearly as good as Google’s Adwords. You can’t, for example, only show your ad to people who searched for “customized pet toys”.

  7. Hey guys;

    I’m work in on-line advertising and spend quite a bit of time with Facebook advertising in particular.

    pev and Jonathan, when it comes to Social Network advertising. I don’t even think it’s fair to call it “low-converting” other than to expect lower conversion rates.

    To really understand Facebook advertising, you have to understand that it is a completely different beast. If you’re going to compare CTRs on Facebook to CTRs on Google, you’re making a fundamental error in assuming that they’re even comparable.

    Google is driven by “Keywords” and “Context”, Facebook is driven by “People” and “Interests”. These are two completely different ways of viewing advertising. So when people talk about the latter being “low-converting”, my experience is mostly that they’re simply using the wrong tool-set all together.

    Honestly, the text on ads for these two things needs to be completely different. I have seen people literally increase their CTR (% of impressions that are clicked) by 10x simply by rewording their ad. Most people start with their Adwords text and just assume that it should continue to work, but it simply doesn’t.

  8. FinancePhi says:

    Jonathan is right. The reason it is lower converting is because FB has not found a way to effectively monetize their traffic compared to their user base numbers.

    Hey Tom, I’m on Fatwallet and SD! Waiting to pull the trigger on a flat screen, but with the way the economy is going I might have to wait a bit longer for a better deal.


  9. Hopefully Facebook will be doing a promotion like that again soon. I wouldn’t mind getting on board with it.

  10. Cool, thanks for the explanation Gates VP 🙂

    Does anyone know if facebook is going to have that type of promotion anytime soon? I just started on my blog and I’d like to get some visits.

  11. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi, Thanks for sharing! I’ve focused on google but want to branch out into Facebook as my network expands there.


  12. Hi, Thanks for sharing!

  13. Ajay Parmar says:

    I am fully agree with almost all people who have posted negative comments for facebook. I have tried facebook advertising for very low competitive keywords and there is no luck, but when I increased a bid to $1 per clicks for filthy keywords, my money eaten up in few hours having zero conversion.

  14. I have used the coupon and it is working great. Targeted ads bringing in some good clicks. Note: use Pay per click not impression! Works great so far, especially when it is free!

  15. Adis Ramic says:

    yeah, facebook users are the worst market to advertise too, I wasted money and tried different products. In order to get clicks you have to bid almost as much as on adwords. It converts better to open white pages and telemarket to ppl. They are just bunch of socially incurables, wasting time and electricity. I guess it is alright if you advertise stupid things like IQ tests , gossip and crap like that or you do it free with coupons 🙂

  16. I run targeted facebook advertising for my university and I think it works great. It all depends on your product and your market. For us, we can target the age range we want (in this case 17-18 year olds) and then narrow it down by the types of interests they have. Matching interests with our majors. Obviously, we will not get everyone we are going for because it comes down to whether or not a user marks a real interest of theirs as an interest.

    Google ad words will help with extremely focused ads like you have all mentioned. But we utilize facebook ads for regional advertising. It raises awareness in the area about the university in general, our events, and our program offerings.

    It’s a good addition to any marketing plan looking for good regional advertising.

  17. I run targeted facebook ads and I also think it works perfectly. I love that it really narrows down your search parameters. I am a wedding photographer and it is the only service where I can target only those who are engaged and located near me. This is the first year I have owned a business and I made nearly $8,000 in two months – most of it coming from facebook ads. Don’t miss out on this powerful advertising tool!

  18. Gates VP… how do you suggest wording an ad differently on Facebook?

  19. Ads in the social space need to involve “your friends” or the “the people you care about” in some way.

    “Impress friends with your 6-pack” is likely going to work much better than “I got ripped in 6 weeks”.

    Remember simply that people have lots of Facebook friends that are really just loose relations and they would love to show off to these friends. They’d also love to engage loosely with these friends by playing things like games with them.

    So you have to appeal to the social animal in each of us.

    Now, since this original post, Facebook has really put a lot of effort into managing the content, so you won’t always be able to use the optimal “friend wording”. But whatever you do, please try something other than the Google wording.

    What works on “Random site X” is going to behave very differently on Facebook.

  20. Hey, just thought I’d chime in while looking for Facebook coupons.. i got ripped off good yesterday with Facebook and this Visa Network. I have 2-3 campaigns going with Adwords AND Yahoo. Wife saw good results and wanted me to open a blog and facebook for her. then someone told us to add Visa and get a $100 Facebook ad credit, so I spent an hour setting up, adding Visa Netowrk, adding all friends, promoting Etsy and other sites ONTO Facebook and setup blog. I got NOTHING and sent Facebook a letter. Then denied knowing anything, told me to contact Visa network. Visa tells me the coupon codes are no longer valid and they are not offering anything for adding them to my Facebook page,.. I forwarded THAT letter to Facebook management, telling them WHY is it advertised all over Google ( Search Facebook Ad Credits) and they didn’t know the offer expired? I sent 2 more letters to both companies and now… no one will answer. Ripped out Visa, ripped out Ad. The hell with them. Its like bait and switch. I was all set to see her conversions go up nicely as she has a big female audience all ages, and all I wanted was $100 to start her campaign. i gave it to Google instead. If they come out with an offer, I may try them then, but for now, they killed me as a new paying customer. Merry Xmas

  21. Same here – Visa Network coupon is non-existent. Was sent in dead-end circles tryingt to get the code.

    As far as FB ads … they’re rockin if you set them up right. Great success with them.

    thanks for the info everybody.

  22. Visa coupon expired months agao!!!!

  23. Online Paid Surveys Guide says:

    Yeah, I don’t think the visa thing works anymore.

  24. Mystic Insight says:

    The VISA coupons didn’t expire months ago as you said Jay, they expired in November, which doesn’t stop someone from pretty peeved that they are still advertising that you can get this $100 and I’ve seen several forum and blog entries from people still saying they got this lovely bonus. I too got sucked into adding them to our Facebook page, only to realize, and not quick, but after a painstaking research, that they were no longer offering the ad credit. SO, we also deleted them. Why should they get free advertising whilst offering nothing in return.

  25. thank for sharing but visa coupon not work anymore

  26. Maria Pellicci says:

    I run targeted facebook ads and I also think it works perfectly. I love that it really narrows down your search parameters.

  27. Diana Caswell says:

    If you get a coupon code or find a link to add someone for credit before you you start advertising make sure you have credit. You have to remember that Visa is not the one advertising the codes its helpful bloggers and other sites that want to help you get the credit when it is valid but just because the credit goes away does not mean the blog will. check for expiration dates and if you dont see the credit in your account you did not get it.

  28. matt marksbury says:

    does anyone know where to get the current codes from google for there promotion.

  29. David Palmer says:

    What is the point of writing about expired coupons.

  30. The blog entry was written way before the coupon expired. The first comment is from january 25th, 2009.

  31. On April 6, I created a web page and was given a $50 coupon credit from facebook for a free ad. Before the credit was used up, I went into the edit page on April 22 and changed the per click charge to $1 from the initial $.01 that I had originally checked in order to use up the credit before it expired. It was not my intention to continue the ad after the free coupon credit. I thought that I was editing it. I never received an email informing me that the credit was gone. I did not notice that the box for the daily budget amount was defaulted to $50. Since the coupon amount was $50, that was what I thought it referred to. It’s strange that the default box wasn’t left empty or defaulted to the $1 minimum. Well, it didn’t take them long to clean out my bank account before I noticed it. I think the editing page was deceptive and confusing. So read all the fine print before accepting the FREE coupon. I wanted to get my money’s worth-well, I sure did! Or should I say they DID! I’m trying to get some recourse from them, but they have my money and that’s all they care about.

  32. Click Conspiracy says:

    I am having trouble finding coupons for fb ads and the link you provided above is not working for me. Can you please suggest other places I am able to get fb ads. thanks

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