Employee or Student Discounts for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile


Just about every major cell phone provider has discount for large corporations or groups, even when it’s an existing personal line. While most people know about their company’s discount, some do a bad job of advertising them. In addition, many folks can get student/employer discounts using their school e-mails. So grab your work or school e-mails, visit these links, and find out what discounts are available to you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I just found out that I could even get $10 off an iPhone plan from AT&T Wireless. Tempting!

AT&T Wireless: Premier Student & Employer Discounts

AT&T has business agreements with thousands of corporations, government agencies and educational institutions to offer wireless products & services to their employees and students at a significant discount.

Verizon: Employee Discounts

Verizon Wireless offers great discounts on products and services to many companies and government agencies. You may be eligible to take advantage of these discounts and save on:

• New phones and calling plans for you or your family
• Phone upgrades to one of our latest models
• A wide selection of accessories

Existing Verizon Wireless customers that are eligible for a discount can register their phone number with Verizon Wireless and have a monthly discount applied to their calling plan.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile Advantage Program and StudentRate T-Mobile Discounts for Students

Employees of contracted T-Mobile Business Customers may request a corporate discount. The discount ranges from 0% to 15%, per Business Customer monthly volume. If available, the discount will appear on your monthly bill.

Sprint / Nextel: Employee Value Program

Submit your email address to find out if your employer qualifies for discounts through Sprint Nextel. Sprint has business agreements with hundreds of corporations and government agencies to offer wireless products and services at a significant discount when purchased online or over the phone.

Finally, if you are the member of a credit union check out LoveMyCreditUnion for monthly plan discounts and waived activation and upgrade fees from Sprint.


  1. Sofaking Nuts says:

    I get 22% off my monthly Verizon bill because of my employer. I’m not sure what the other carriers offer, but I’m pretty happy with this discount.

  2. I get 28% with Sprint!

  3. Very true. On our family plan, we get a monthly discount, a discount on hardware when we upgrade and a discount on accessories in the store (25%, makes you wonder what th real markup is).

    All for a 3 minute phone conversation that asked about it.

  4. Here’s an easy one: Sprint offers 15% off to “AOL Customers”, but all they do to check that you’re a ‘customer’ is send an e-mail to an AOL address you provide.

    Sign up for an AOL Mail account (that’s free), provide them that address, and you’re in.

  5. MakingItWorkNJ says:

    I get a 15% discount with Verizon because of my employee status. I pay as much now as I did regular as a T-Mobile customer. T-Mobile was no doubt the cheapest plan I had, but their service [was not good (self-edit...LOL)].

    In any event, I really like Verizon. If I get a dropped call, it’s usually the other person’s fault. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, but the network more than makes up for it. Mind you, I only have a voice plan, but when my contract expires on 2011, I will hopefully get a smartphone and truly join the 21st century. :)

  6. I got 14% with Sprint when using my old University account. The emails are just forwarded to my Gmail but hey, i’m not above a little theater to save some money.

  7. Apparently it doesn’t work for SERO plans.

  8. No, adding an additional discount to a SERO plan is very difficult if you didn’t manage it early on and stay under their radar.

  9. Careful with that ATT discount. My ATT employee discount applies to everything BUT iPhone plans…go figure.

  10. We get a corp discount from T-mobile since I work at my company. They couldn’t even tell me what the discount is and I think it varies. I don’t know what the logic is or how they vary it. It seems I might be getting about 10% off give or take. It was odd and confusing to not get a straight answer to my question “whats the discount?” but I guess thats just how they do it. I’m not complaining really, its still cheaper with the discount of course.

  11. Chris in Boston says:

    I work for CA and we get an 18% discount off the ATT bill every month.

    ATT claims they will not discount iPhone plans, however I do see a line item for the corporate discount on every bill and I have two iPhones on the plan.

  12. Does It require a new 2-year contract?

  13. @A – Usually no, they can apply to existing customer accounts. Please see the links and the quoted text in the original post.

  14. I had it when we were with Verizon but T-Mobile makes it more difficult.

  15. what do i do
    if i have an aol acct how do i get the dicount from sprint ?

  16. I had a 25% discount with Sprint because of my employer and now have a 22% discount with Verizon because of my employer. In fact the account with Verizon is in my name but my wife is the one with the plan. I don’t need a high volume plan and my wife does. You can get the phone to display her name so it is not a big deal if your spouse is the one needing the plan and you are the one eligible for the employee discount.

  17. I work for Wachovia and My husband for Walmart we have att and we are entitled to 15% but ATT WILL charge a $36 fee per line to get a discount, So I HAVE TO PAY $144 (i have 4 lines) to get their #$&^#$& discounts.

  18. Tom Harney says:

    One way to get a corporate discount is to join the Freelancer’s Union.


  19. Hi – I am signed up for a T-mobile discount – available because of my AAA (motor club) membership. I think it is 14% and under the AAA corporate discount program.

  20. Thanks for the post! I am not sure what student discount % rate I will get, but am happy for anything from AT&T!

  21. Used my college email for a verizon discount … 19% OFF :-)

  22. CHA-CHING! I just saved 15% with the AT&T service discount for my employer. That’s at least a $25 savings every month! There’s also an equipment discount if I wanted to get a new phone. Great Blog! Thanks!

  23. SPRINT USERS** Use an AIM email addy and it counts as being an AOL affiliate or whatever, its 10% though…. Ive had it since Oct, but my new job offers a 25% discount so I changed it. You cannot double discount btw ;) Also the discount is off of your BASE plan price, does not include add ons (insurance etc) or taxes, AIM/AOL example: so my plan is $129, I got $13 off, though my bill was $160s a month, the ten percent is off the base plan price. Still any discount is great. :)

  24. 50% discount on AT&T Wireless as an AT&T empoyee for up to 2 lines.

  25. I am confused. I signed up for the everything plus data package for 69.99 by the refferal program, and after talking to a representative about getting a student discount, she said I had a business account? is that what is plan is? What does a business account mean? I didn’t type in any information regarding a business.

    Ugh, this is just confusing. I feel like no one can give me a direct answer.

  26. CELESTE says:

    what about if i work for Texas Oncology do I get a discount with AT & T

  27. Democrat says:

    If you go to http://www.att.com/wireless/FNBT and put in your cell phone number, last 4 of the ssn on your account, and email address your next bill will have 22%. This 100% works.

  28. I’m an employee at New York Transit and I was wondering if I’m eligible for a discount on my cellphone bill and I’m also a new customer of at&t ? How much is the actual percentage that a new york transit employee is eligible for by the way?

  29. Patricia Porter-wiler says:

    From early 2000′s husband had an ATT phone, we had discount on it from them. I had a Sprint phone snd was getting about 18% discount. Decided to move my phone to ATT about 2011 because I was promised they would give me the discounts I was getting from Sprint. I BELIEVED the representative, but the lies have come forward as of late when I actually checked my billing. I pay close to $200 a month. I am now an ATT retiree with a pension.(I worked for SWBT/AT&T and retired from them and went to work for State of Texas and then retired from them in 2012. I seem to have lost any discounts it seems every time I made changes or upgrades. I am now trying to get any kind of discount. They are denying me an AT&T employee or retiree discount. Am trying to get a credit union discount. One would think they would have a discount for the elderly (over65). But I cant find it. BOTTOM LINE IS the reps in the ATT stores will say and promise anything to get you to buy equipment and services…it pads their pockets.

  30. Ross employee

  31. as of 3/29/15 my employer gets me a 20% discount on my bill with an older nationwide talk plan with Verizon. Verizon has slashed their plans and changed everything so now if you alter an old plan with your locked in employers discount (mine 20%) and change to a new one of these “everything plans” they’re offering only up to 8% employee discount. Keep that in mind as you’re trying to figure out your final cost! This was pretty deceptive I had to work to find that discrepancy from new to old bill comparisons. NOWHERE do they say that they’ve lowered your discount and they don’t explain the difference on the plan comparison charts either. I’m hanging with the old plan as long as possible because of this, 8% from 20% is NOT cool! not giving that one up. The new plans aren’t better than my old one with my old discount. -Scy


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