Emigrant Direct Referral Bonus Update

(Update: This is old news, I now have plenty of referrals. Please follow the new directions for the Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus Promotion.)

First, I’d like to say thanks everyone for reading and making my $10 Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus Referral program successful so far. Ok, now here are some things I need participants to read:

1. Not everyone is following the rules exactly. I need two e-mails from everyone – one when you open the account online, and another when you get the paper letter and get full online access to your account. This is to ensure an accurate count, and to make sure we don’t go over 100 without knowing and leave people out in the cold. If this happens, the people who did not follow the rules will be the ones left out instead! Otherwise, the Honor System approach seems to be doing well.

2. Everyone who e-mailed me should have gotten a response saying “Thanks, I’ve added you to the list.” or similar. If you did not, please e-mail me again. Some e-mails have been ending up in my Spam folder.

3. I am getting responses from the first round of people with full online access. This is a reminder that I will be paying out bonuses after Emigrant pays me, not when you get access. Please be patient.

4. When I do get paid, I will be sending out another round of e-mails asking for your payment preference, PayPal or Amazon.com gift certificate. Both of these will be sent to the e-mail you gave me, so don’t forget them!

Thank you for your attention =)


  1. Your original Emigrant referral post link appears to be broken.

    I’m getting a file not found error. Can you please take a look?


  2. Link should be fixed now, thanks for the heads up!

  3. Hey I am a big fan of your site. Do you mind if I create a link on my blog to your referral program? I will take it down if you are not cool with it. Keep up the good work!


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