Emigrant Direct – Upcoming New Website, Higher Rate

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I keep forgetting to write this – Emigrant Direct is rolling out their new website on 7/24. Current accountholders should get an access code via snail mail. In addition, they announced that their interest rate will increase to 5.15% APY on 7/28.

Want an account? Get up to a $20 bonus for signing up here.


  1. For a while, Emigrant Direct wasn’t keeping with rate increases at other banks. Now they are competing. I wonder if Emigrant Direct’s early notification of paying a 5.15% APR will cause other banks to jump the gun by giving 5.15% or better before 7/28.

  2. It’ll be funny if HSBC does raise its rate above 5.15% before 7/28…

  3. does Emigrant Direct allow direct connection with TreasuryDirect?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are late to report on this rate…. its been up on blogs way longer

  5. Yes, you can link Emigrant Direct with TreasuryDirect.

    Ha, this rate increase hasn’t even happened yet. Who knows what other banks will do. Pre-announcing rates weeks ahead of time doesn’t excite me. It’s just their way of making you stick around, as if the rate already was 5.15%. If you’re going to raise your rates, then just raise them!

  6. Does Emigrant Direct have a withdrawl limit like other accounts? Some are limited at 5 per month.

  7. bigmouth says:

    All my eggs are in Citi bank now. Well, not quite, there are some left in Emigrant as well. It’s amazing to think that one of my co-workers bought his house in 2005 with mortgage interest of 5.15%.

  8. This account at Emigrant is like all of the Money Market Accounts. MMA is not the same as a Money Market Mutual Fund Account. The restrictions/terms of these MMA accounts are set by the FED so they are pretty much all the same. These MMAs are usually, if I remember correctly, limited to 6 withdrawals a month. If they have ATM access like GMAC then you can have 3 ATM withdrawals and 3 others. Or 6 in total if you don’t have ATM withdrawals. See http://www.fatwallet.com Finance forum for all the issues with withdrawals that people have had with these types of accounts when they exceed 6 per month.

  9. All savings account are limited by law at 6 withdrawals per month.

  10. 5.15? glad i moved everything to emigrant direct.

  11. ED all the way! only good things to say about them and their services.

  12. I opened an account with HSBC at 4.8%, now they’re at 5.05%. Am I locked into the 4.8%? Everytime they raise the rates, do they apply just to NEW members?

  13. Don’t worry, unless it specifically says otherwise, everyone gets the same rate. You are at 5.05%.

  14. great blog. i have a question on savings accounts…is there a calculator/equation i can use to decide whether to put money in savings account of whether to put it in a tax exempt bond fund? (i live in NYC…lots of taxes here)

  15. Well Emigrant did roll out the new website.. It sure is taking a beating today. Good luck logging in!

  16. I’ve tried to login several times over the past 5 hours. I thought I was in and then was bounced out. In the short time that I actually saw the site it looked like the same thing with nicer graphics. Since then I haven’t been able to login. I think I’ll give up and try tomorrow. I wish they’d stuck with the simple but works formula or spent more time phasing in their changes.

  17. Scooter says:

    Somebody actually got a real webpage to come up? Yesterday I got nothing but 404 page not found errors. Today I get “Page temporarily unavailable due to extreme volume”. I think somebody botched something bigtime…. One more day of this, and I will think I will be closing my account….. Several other banks are offering competitve rates to what emigrant is paying.

  18. So much spam (

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